*Rally/Jumpcross* - Springhill Raceway 1.0

Outdoor MX style, VERY fast, HUGE jumps

  1. smskeeter23
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    Ridiculously fast, well flowing, and HUGE airtime...

    Those few words sum up this outdoor MX style track well. It's so fast I actually installed curbing on this one. The downhill section that holds 3 huge jumps took me over 6 hours to perfect so they can easily be taken in succession without lifting off the throttle all the way through the next section back up the hill.

    There are several corners that take a bit of time to learn and even then you won't likely master them. There are so many different places, obstacles, and lines to make time with or lose it. A big reason for this is the surface width of 45 feet and every "lane" on that surface has different things to contend with.

    I'm really excited about this one and my final testing session online had very positive remarks from others that dropped in to test it out. I really hope it will become an online favorite.

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