RIDOX Replica Garage : J's Racing Honda FIT RS Turbo '10 450PP - Comfort Soft to Sports Medium

450PP J's Racing Honda FIT RS Turbo - capable of 1:05s at Tsukuba on comfort soft

  1. Ridox2JZGTE
    Tsukuba Circuit_45.jpg

    I love this car, I really do !!!
    CAR : Honda FIT RS '10
    Tires : Comfort Soft to Sports Medium

    For every GT6 player, this car is a must have :lol: The 1st car that every garage owner should be proud of, the FIT RS is a beginner's car, yet it has great potential when tuned and sounds decent, just don't use stock exhaust :lol:

    This 450PP build is based on J's Racing Honda FIT RS track car ( Super Taikyu ). The weight distribution is fixed to replicate real life specification at 62/38, another GT6 mistake :) Fear not, this nose heavy FF is still agile and a rocket on twisty tracks.

    For suspension, J's Racing OHLINS Type S coilover is used, with 10kg/mm front and 6kg/mm rear spring rate, the coilover allows -50mm drop on the front and -60mm drop at the rear. With damper tuned for balance and response, this FIT eats corners at Tsukuba with ease.

    LSD is 1.5 way with medium preload for good response when traction is needed most, and low locking rate to balance things out.

    Transmission uses 6 speed custom close ratio combined with ATS Final Gear at 4.688 :D This gives the FIT awesome acceleration that keeps the engine in sweet power range of the high rpm turbo. Adjust the final if necessary when higher top speed is required.

    The car was tuned and tested at Tsukuba, Brands Hatch GP + Indy, Nurb GP/F and Streets of Willow :D
    The J's Racing FIT RS 450PP is capable of mid 1:05s lap at Tsukuba on comfort soft. Included below is the replay file of the test lap with the time done on 1st lap :D Take a note of how braking is done on 1st corner, smooth is fast :tup:

    Don't forget to try this little pocket rocket on sports medium ( R comp semi slick ) to appreciate just how wonderful a FIT can be on the track !!!

    Notes : Ballast position is -43

    LINK to the full tune post at my garage : J's Racing Honda FIT RS Turbo '10 237HP / 240PS 450PP Comfort Soft to Sports Medium

    ENJOY :cheers:
    Game Version:
    Controller Type:
    Game Controller
    Performance Points:
    450 PP
    Max. Power:
    237 HP
    930 kg
    Weight Distribution:
    Max. Torque:
    181.2 ft-lb
    Tires (Front):
    Comfort: Soft
    Tires (Rear):
    Comfort: Soft
    Pit Service:
    • Change Oil
    • Improve Body Rigidity
    Aero Kit:
    Type A
    Rear Wing:
    Custom Wing: Type B
    Wheel Model:
    RAYS 57Gainer
    Wheel Size:
    Custom Parts (Other):
    Improve Body Rigidity ( INSTALLED IN THIS BUILD ) - OPTIONAL - the J's Racing FIT has extensive chassis reinforcement and roll cage.
    Wheels : Standard Size - RAYS 57Gainer in GT6 Matte 017
    Car Paint : GT6 Polarized 016
    Suspension Kit:
    Height-Adjustable, Fully Customizable Suspension
    Fully-Customizable Transmission
    Twin-Plate Clutch Kit
    Stage 1
    Racing Exhaust
    Turbo Kits:
    High RPM Range Turbo Kit
    Weight Reduction:
    Stage 3
    Other Parts:
    • Fully-Customizable Mechanical Limited-Slip Differential
    • Sports ECU
    • Catalytic Converter: Sports
    • Window Weight Reduction
    • Carbon Hood (Body Color)
    Ride Height (Front):
    Ride Height (Rear):
    Spring Rate (Front):
    Spring Rate (Rear):
    Dampers - Compression (Front):
    Dampers - Compression (Rear):
    Dampers - Extension (Front):
    Dampers - Extension (Rear):
    Anti-Roll Bars (Front):
    Anti-Roll Bars (Rear):
    Camber Angle (Front):
    Camber Angle (Rear):
    Toe Angle (Front):
    Toe Angle (Rear):
    Brake Balance (Front):
    Brake Balance (Rear):
    Max. Speed:
    Max. Speed Unit:
    Transmission (1st Gear):
    Transmission (2nd Gear):
    Transmission (3rd Gear):
    Transmission (4th Gear):
    Transmission (5th Gear):
    Transmission (6th Gear):
    Transmission (Final Gear):
    Transmission (Additional Comments & Instructions):
    Install all power parts
    Set Default
    Use default Auto Max Speed at 200kmh / 124mph
    Adjust each gear, then set final
    Adjust final according to track if necessary
    Initial Torque (Front):
    Acceleration Sensitivity (Front):
    Braking Sensitivity (Front):
    Power Limiter:
    Downforce (Rear):
    Ballast Weight:
    53 kg
    Ballast Position:
    ABS Level:
    Traction Control:

Recent Reviews

  1. GRAN007
    needs lot of work
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Would you be so kind to let me know what needs more work ?
  2. backnfourth
    So this is my first experience with a replica tune. And honestly I don't have my original Fit nor have I driven one since my first few days. This tune is definitely a keeper in my garage. After taking it to several career races at a variety of tracks and trying it on CS, SH, and SM tires I found it a very comfortable and predictable FF. Yes it understeers, mostly when I was off the throttle mid corner, but the turn in and corner exit were very tight. I was especially impressed when I put the throttle down at just how much tighter the rotation was and how much giddy up the car had exiting corners. My favorite race was by far at Trial Mountain on SM tires. This car handled that course with ease and felt awesome. Really great job!
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thank you for sparing time to drive my replica tune :)
      I enjoyed the FIT for racing in career, I'm glad you have the same experience. Hopefully the FIT will be as good in online races too :)

      This is the 1st car that I posted on tuning database, I will post some more in the next few days taken from my garage. Most will be 450PP, 500PP and replica cars.