RIDOX Replica Garage : Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 '08 GT3-R Base Model 554PP

Gallardo GT3-R Reiter Engineering replica 520HP 1190kg, easy 2:02s at Silverstone GP

  1. ALB123
    A hardcore GT3 driving experience. The car is stiff, but capable. You can drive hard, deep into corners without fear of losing grip. Sadly, the AWD can't be removed but it almost feels like a RWD car (just with a little more front bite!) This car will give you a workout, but it will also give you low lap times once you learn how she likes to be driven.
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thanks ALB123 :)
  2. BEjamin
    few tweeks & its fast ! 63 kg -50 47/53 weight & rear diff @ 15 20 15 . also my ride height is 95 95 .
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for trying the tune and giving the rating :) Glad with a few tweaks the car suited to your needs and driving style, it's a replica but also a base tune :D