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This is my rendition of Road America the world renowned 4.08mi course located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Care has been taken to place curbing and objects as closely to the real circuit as the course editor will allow.

Track is scaled at an absolute 1:1 4.08mi length to match the real life track. Track width matches the real life surface as well.

*The length and width of this rendition has been confirmed directly by the offices of and technical personnel at Road America*

I am fully aware of the fact that many people feel the track is too narrow but I assure you I have gone to great lengths to ensure it's accuracy including as stated above talking to track officials directly. If the surface is too narrow it is due to PD not scaling correctly in game.


Don't forget to download this track and leave a review please! :sly:

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    Three new DEMO videos for the v2.0 track.
  2. New build 2.0 track!

    This update corrects more than a few things and is by far the most accurate version yet. - New...
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Latest reviews

Famous track which host a lot of USA Le Mans and LMGTE style races, along with open wheeled formula cars and even NASCAR. All well represented in GT6, making this ideal for club events.

Having watched quite a few races on TV, in various weather conditions, I ran it in Arcade Mode with Time 30, Weather 25% and Change x3. This created leaden skies but thankfully no rain fell.

Used the Zytex Greaves P2 over 5 laps on RH tyres - a very forgiving way to test any new track, I find. However, a couple of the turns without scenery are hard to judge due to the high inside barriers. Also, the lack of curbing caught me out on 2 of the turns, particularly the final turn.

There is a lot of curbing outside one of the tighter corners. Would much prefer this on the approach, to help judge braking distance and create a (slightly) safer environment for overtaking. (Track Creator seems to make kerbs act like dusty concrete, not rubbered-up rumble strip.)

The very long right-hander has excellent scenery to help punctuate the high speed progress around it. Tents, trees and then a final stretch of curbing perfectly mark the phases of this delightful section.

The corners with heavy braking zones are given red and white retaining walls with gravel traps. This decoration really gets the driver attention and helps memorise the track in just a few laps.

The wooded sections, bridges and iconic curved acceleration zones are perfect. With a bit more decoration for the plain corners and friendly entry curbing, it could be the best creator track on GT Planet.
I love this one! Lack of elevations aside, I enjoy it. Expect this to be featured in my story. :)
Thanks much, I've worked pretty hard to get it right. Glad to hear another person likes it :-)
Top notch work considering CM limitations. Pretty darn accurate!
Object placement especially is a huge pain with the editor. Thanks for the review :-)
Thanks for the glowing review and once again glad you like it.

Even more improvements still in the way... stay tuned ;-)
Thanks Allan glad you like it :-)
Faithful reconstruction, I appreciate the attention to detail with the added scenery. Currently using it to test and tune my racing Trans Am.
Thanks for the review :-) I am still working on getting the Corvette bridge in there but so far nothing I do will create enough space for it without screwing up the track somewhere else.

I'm gonna keep working on it though, rest assured.
Finally, not perfect but pretty close. Thoroughly enjoy this track and will be using a lot. Thank you for making!
Thank you for the review :-)

If you are willing I'd like to hear what is incorrect. I am striving to have the most accurate version available.

On Friday I will actually be at Road America on the track making corrections in real time to my file, but I would still value any feedback people have ;-)
Loved this circuit on RIDE and this is a good interpretation - nice work. Thanks for sharing :-)
Thank you so much for the review and video! Really glad you like it.
I'm loving this track. Nice flow, curbing is just right. Wish we could have a time trial on it.
Glad to hear you enjoy it! Not sure what you mean about having a TT though as you can indeed do that in Arcade Mode? Or do you mean a seasonal TT? That would be cool :D
Good design, very accurate, just isn't the same without the elevation changes though.
I'm with you on that, the elevation in the front stretch and between turns 5 and 6 are iconic on this track and sorrily missed.

It's really too bad that PD is making us "imagine" them :-(