Road America 2.0

1:1 accurate L/W CONFIRMED by Road America Officials

  1. Added new videos

    Three new DEMO videos for the v2.0 track.
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  2. New build 2.0 track!

    This update corrects more than a few things and is by far the most accurate version yet.

    - New ground up build using a much higher resolution reference image.
    - Absolute 1:1 length @4.08mi in editor, on PSN, and in game
    - Track width is now 6ft narrower and correct
    - Corner radius are now correct throughout where track width prohibited correct angles before.
    - Object placement is better where allowed by editor. Carousel is now fully modeled.

    New video to be added as soon as I can get one...
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  3. Road America Update v1.5!

    Track is now 4.08mi (even though the GT site says 4.09 the editor says 4.08) matching the real life distance 1:1.

    Object placement is even more accurate. The Sargento bridge is now a bridge and the "Speedville" bridge is now present as well. Unfortunately there is still no Corvette bridge. After spending hours trying to get it I am fairly convinced the editor is not going to allow this. Perhaps it will in v2.0 when I completely redraw again with GPS data.

    Radius in turn 8 and carousel have...
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  4. Fixed external link

    Fixed url
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  5. New video added

    New video showcase added to description.
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  6. Road America update v1.1

    This update smooths out bumps and undulations in the track that were incorrect. This was especially pronounced after turn 12 (Canada Corner).

    The bend right after this section has also been slightly corrected.

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