Rome Night Version 3.3

Rome Night from GT2 with elevations

  1. BarneyA
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    Rome Night the old circuit from GT2

    Now with similar elevations and much less gradient than v2.

    Accurate curb placing and the scenery that tpe would allow

    The circuit is about as small as I can get it without relocating the start/finish line due to tpe restrictions, so it is a bit longer than the original GT2 version.

    Andalusia theme so can actually be dark if set to start time of 0630.

    More accurate gradient on 1st hairpin.

    Nice little layby on the long back straight for cruise meets, spectating or sneaky overtakes.

    Comments and input please.

    Iv75TiNsl8XWg51We_0.png Rome-Night.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. BenMillard
    Version: Version 3.1
    WOW! On natural terrain, this has to be the finest GT2 Rome Night replica possible.

    My only slight criticism is the chicane after that long uphill straight feels a little to open through the entry. I know cutting the track made the GT2 track very open, I know it was super wide as well. But with the friendly Andalucia kerbs and your loosened interpretation of the corner, it's too much. Without kerb riding it would feel about right. The entry just doesn't require the drastic braking which is needed in GT2, due to its intense downhill gradient and the sharp inside barrier.

    The exit phase of the chicane is spot on - as is the rest of the track. Even within the limits of natural terrain, the elevation is similar in those iconic areas.

    Even the direction arrow billboards beside the track have been coerced into helpful positions for the ultra fast opening sweepers. 6:30am is dark enough but 6:32am gives a gorgeous sunrise in the line of sight.
  2. Draggon
    Version: Version 3.1
    Another great course. I didn't run this course enough in GT2 to remember it much, even though, this makes for some excellent races. Nice work!
    1. BarneyA
      Author's Response
      thanks very much, please check out and rate my other tracks if you would be so kind
  3. mabe
    Version: Version 3.1
    I don't play GT2, but I enjoy this course.
    1. BarneyA
      Author's Response
      Thanks very much mabe.