RTRacing Ayrton Senna Lotus 97T '85 All-Tracks Tune

Race RTRacing Ayrton Senna Lotus 97T '85 All-Tracks Tune

5 stars best tune there is in my opinion. I got a 51.221 on Midfield Raceway with this tune.
Stable enough to handle more than mild abuse.
This setup gave us the silver medal on the Spanish GT6 championship... THANKS!
I'm stunned. Finally this Ayrton Senna Lotus 97T 85' comes to live.
Ayrton is my hero, now I can be him I my living room. Great tune, thanks for sharing.
True fan.
3.5/4 out of 5. I'm the only person that didn't rate 5... I know tuning is personal preference, and that's why I believe my tune is faster, it's also easier to control. This tune is good but it could be quite a bit better.
HOLY CRAP!!!! It has so much GRIP!!!!! I'm Using Racing hards and I can go flat out thru 100R at Fuji Speedway!! Absolutely INSANE!!
Excellent tune and DaBomb LC is a... BOMB!
Really good tune!
Very good tune.
Thanks! 7.38 @Sierra on first lap. Glued to the road :-)
Great tune, stable but nimble enough.
This is an excelent tune. I understand why this one is highly praised! ;)
'Dabomb' launch control, simply brilliant, very impressive!
Very niiice :)
Must have tune. 10 Stars! Easily one of the best tunes on Gtp
best tune out there ,really AWESOME :) thanks 4 posting it ..grts
Mindblowingly mindblowed. *explosion*
Amazing tune. I used it at super lap seasonal, and the tune got me gold on my third try, when i was struggling to run a clean lap without it.