RTRacing Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model '12

Race RTRacing Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model '12

great tune,very fast,its fantastic !!
Def worked for me 2.04 at Bathurst.
1.20.319 at Laguna.
Now to get below 1.20s
great tune
Spot on Dude... work's a treat thank you very much. (",)
Great job
Great job ! Works very nicely , no more understeering ! A+
The tune is amazing! The car handles even better than before.
It's not all that amazing. It's a good stable tune (don't get me wrong) but I tried it thinking it would blow my previous times away when I tested at Siera, Bathurst and Suzuka, but it didn't and that dissapointed me. With a controller on the other hand it feels good but with a wheel it makes little difference to me.
AMAZING Tune!! Saving in my A slot!
Very nice tune! I love the HSV cars so I did not want to mess with my tunes on my base model so I bought another and I was able to cut off 1 1/2 secs from some of my best times. Awesome tune.
This is a beast of a tune. Takes corners very well indeed. I hope your going to be doing more tunes like this. Well done, great work.
I found it very useful thank you so much!
Very well-done setup. It works with PAD also. I even felt myself a good driver... a little while!
Very good tune, thx a lot
Cheers, worked well
Very good setup
Great tune!!
WOW, try it u may like it.....???? excelent tunne ++++++
Probably a very good all-track tune, but for the laguna seasonal, it did'nt really suit me. It was'nt bad, but it was not awesome either, it was average.