RTRacing Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model '12

Race RTRacing Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model '12

Great setup from a great tuner :)
Great baseline tune! No better place to start.
Beautiful! Rarely does a tune work for me without minuet adjustments. This one did! Thanks!
Great setup for a GT500 race, and the Luguna Seca TT.
super tune!!
With this tune i have gold, on the event Nordscheif 600. The car answer with speed and safe, it's a peasure to drive. You are a dreamtunner.
great job man
Great all around tune. The laguna seasonal need a higher aero and lower LSD accel setting but the base is a great starting point for any track. Fast and easy.
Very nice all round tune. No scary moments here... Thanks.
Very driveable even if you're not the most skilled driver. The power gets to the ground smoothly and the cars handles great. You'd think the suspension is stiffer than it actually is the way it can hold fast corners, but it seems to swallow bumps and small curbs. A fantastic tune all around!
Great tune! Got myself into the top 5 on the early days of the GT500 Time trial!
A great universal tune!
For the Laguna Seca seasonal event, I maxed the aero and set a 15.3 so this I recommend.
Very easy to handle
Very good and driveable tune!
Very good tune for all tracks.
Took 3 laps in test drive then went to laguna seca seasonal and golded in 1st lap. Thanks for the tune!
As I've got arty on my psn list it be rude not to big up his tune.
I used this tune many times in gt500 rooms through all updates of gt6 it's geared towards racing softs so a few adjustments needed for seasonal tyre requirements but a easy 16s are acheivable out of the box