RTRacing Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model '12

Race RTRacing Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model '12

Decided to try this out to see what all the hoopla was about in the Seasonal TT thread. From my experience, it turned out to be just an average tune with some bad exit oversteer which could only be remedied by re-working the whole tune. At THAT point, I just decided to go back to my own tune.
Really good tune, gives the car nice balance on entry to corners. All you have to do is play about with aero and final gear depending on track and you're ready to drive on the limit of what this car's capable of.
Good tune but not perfect. Don't like the suspension being set as high as it is in this tune.
perfect tune, i'm use ds3, it,s same tuning? do you have tuning hsv for apricot hill and red bull ring circuits? thanks
Very good tunes. I wish you have other tunes to publish. Thanks
this is an absolute delight to drive with my g27