Sebring International Raceway Full Circuit

Sebring International Raceway Full Circuit 0.4

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Your ver. 2017 rocks very very ))
fantastic track
A famous track hosting lots of USA Le Mans and LMGTE events. These are well represented in GT6 which makes this an ideal circuit to add to the game.

Scenery is added sparingly in places and is extremely dense in others. The tents are quite heavily spammed along some straights! While this may be authentic it feels a bit odd. The corners without scenery are hard to remember - something to make each corner distinct really helps to learn a track quickly. Especially with the close barriers and flat terrain limiting the sight lines.

Could there be some more trees and banks, perhaps? These high props create visual markers which can be seen some corners in advance. Proves reference points for overall track progression as well as the particular section they are placed near.

There is a scenery item to add red and white outside walls with a thin gravel section. These are great for marking heaving braking zones and create helpful landmarks along the circuit.

Sebring is famous for being a difficult track and this certainly captures that! With some decoration, it would be faster to memorise and therefore make it suitable for GT6 club events.
Love the feedback, one of the limitations with the tpe is the amount of scenery. The final edition which is in progress will hopefully be more like the club circuit which has much more scenery.
Awesome Thank you!!!!
Fantastic job!

I live in Sarasota, so Sebring is my 'local track' also. I have driven it last ten years ago over the course of a few weekends with Chin Motorsports, and man! did that track eat brakes (not bad on my tires, though).

So, NingDynasty, I haven't worked with the course editor at all. Will the editor allow you to add an overpass to Turn 17, some more grandstands to 'fill-out' the area between Turn 17 and Turn 1 (adjacent to where you have correctly placed the paddock), and add some building to the area off from the hairpin to look like the Chateau Elan Hotel?
My local track as well up here in Wesley Chapel, but not no with tight turns like those the scenery options are unavailable.
Did a great job on this track.
Nice and accurate track!!!!
Excellent job!!
Another great track from the GTP community. Racing on this circuit is excellent, even against the AI and although all the usual track path editor limitations manifest themselves the author has done the circuit proud with this replica. Thanks NingDynasty for al your work on this :-)
As good as it's going to get with course maker. May I suggest putting some anchors close together on the bumpy sections of the course, as that causes some minor undulations. Great track!! :)
Efforts are being made to make the track surface more realistic. Let's just say turns 17 and 1 will be an adventure.
A great recreation of Sebring, the track is as close as you can get with the limitations of the course maker and even track side objects have been faithfully positioned.
You really feel like driving in sebring, despite the app limitations. A really impressive work, very, very fun to drive. A must have!
This version of your track is improved over the last one. I like your systematical approach in improving until you find a perfection. This is one of the best captures of the legendary track. Keep up the good work man
We finally get to drive sebring on gt6! Thank you
One of the best custom tracks I have ever played and perhaps the most fun one.
You are awesome! Your attempt is just professional.. good job ;)
I appreciate the review and I'm glad others are enjoying it as much as I am!
Considering the restriction of the App, this is one of the best recreations of an existing track available. It helps that the real track is flat so Eifel flat is well suited to it. The creator has obviously put a lot of effort into getting this one right. Highly recommended.
I've been going to the 12 Hours Sebring for 5 years and don't plan on stopping so I'll do my best to make sure this is as accurate as possible.
Incredibly close to real thing
Thanks again for the video, I put a real lmp2 lap below it, looks awesome to compare them!
Great attempt considering the limitations. Big thanks.
You're welcome, I'll be releasing updates as I perfect it!