Sepang International Circuit 1.5 +video

Greatest Missing F1 Circuits Collection: New, ultramodern and featuring some magnificent corners

  1. Bruno Pro
    Eifel Flat
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    This is the part of the project:
    Greatest Missing F1 Circuits Collection

    The idea is to make recreation of best F1 circuits missing from the game (GT6)

    Asian Pack

    · Sepang International Circuit: New and ultramodern; It was the first of the new breed of circuits that now dominate F1.
    (Presented here)

    · Shanghai International Circuit: Home of Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix

    · Bahrain International Circuit: created rather fitting environment of Death Valley

    · Bahrain International Circuit: created in Eifel Flat

    European Pack

    · Sochi Autodrom, the newest member of F1 family, Grand Prix of Russia

    · Hockenheimring, track that hosts (with Nurbugring GP) German Grand Prix

    American Pack

    · Austin's Circuit of the Americas appears to have finally ended 26 year search that USA has once again a modern and quality Formula 1 venue.

    Sepang International Circuit was the first of the new breed of circuits that now dominate F1. New, ultramodern and featuring some magnificent corners, Sepang received universal praise. It made quite an impact when it made its debut in 1999 - it is beautifully designed, has a challenging layout and wonderful facilities
    The course is a favorite among drivers due to its width (and opportunities to overtake) and the unique Malaysian environment


    Version 1.4 note:

    Created several versions until got the most realistic so far
    - Circuit length is over 99 % accuracy
    - Sepang is a wide circuit averaging 16-20m in width
    So I fixed width to maxima 15m
    - Fixed curbing: taking it from Google maps
    - Created unique stand to Sepang circuit: the one on the last curve (see the picture above)

    sepang circuit malaysia2.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. Silvio
    Version: 1.5 +video
    Well if we talking about replicatracksthat s the one. 70% of the track you have feeling to grive on really Sepang course. Nice work. Congr.
  2. spesini
    Version: 1.5 +video
    Masterpiece. Your F1 circuits are brilliant, all of them.
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks for trying my F1 circuits and having such a great review for me. That confirms that I'm on a good path and makes me planning to do more of them