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A lot of thought, planning, and play-testing went in to this course becoming what it is today. I'd like to thank everyone for the comments, reviews, criticisms and feedback that kept me improving.

After countless battles, tournaments, track days and time attacks - this course has delivered on all fronts: high replay value, driving challenge, fun - Snake Canyon has earned the nickname "The Nurb of Touge."

I encourage everyone to download this course and just drive :cheers:

Simple enough to be enjoyed at a cruising pace, alone or with friends. The course becomes more challenging, fluid, dangerous, and fun the faster you go.

Enjoy, recommend it to your friends, and please review!

*This course was designed using the modified .APK
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4.80 star(s) 10 ratings

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    The entire course has been thoroughly play-tested and feedback garnered from the community. The...

    Removed rumble strips.

Latest reviews

Just threw a GT6 Party with 2 PS3's and used this track to start off. We took turns battling the togue and stuck for hours and hours to this track. Excellent flow, nice mix between hairpins, faster bends and even the occasional jump!

Truly great stuff. I like the narrow track width … my favourite mountain pass in real life is very much like this. I have tried to reproduce small sections of it with the course maker but could not achieve the tight radiuses necessary. Seeing that it is now possible I have to give it another go!

Thanks for this awesome track, gotta try some of your other creations soon :-)
top work
The best >10km user created track I've tried. Looks and feels beautiful in any car; even very nice in a Fiat Panda for a Sunday drive! Many thanks!
I cannot stop driving this course! An honest 5/5 rating, excellent work my friend!
+ Very sophisticated track-making, using a wide range of corners from ultra-slow hairpins to ultra-fast kinks and showing real care and understanding of how corners flow into one another. Some nice views of other parts of the track, which make it feel more like a real place. Track fits the terrain realistically, the hairpins appear when you need to climb a steep rise.
- Perhaps a bit *too* technical, can feel like an unending sequence of corners, not helped by the close barriers of Sierra. This impression is heightened by the long lap (~6:45 in a stock FD3S) and rather a lot of ultra-tight 1st gear hairpins.

Overall though, this is a creative, surprising, characterful track that gets more fun with each lap, you should definitely download it especially if you are up for a real challenge to your driving skills!
Thank you for the detailed review! Yeah, those hairpins can get tedious lol. It's worth noting that each section of the course (set off by the Sierra banners) is designed as its own Special Stage, hence the long lap times.

Which FD did you set that lap with, and on which tires? Under 7 minutes is pretty fast for a stock car.
one of the best tracks ever
Genius! Have spent hours driving this, just brilliant! Thank-you
Very nice track!
A very nice mountain pass to race or cruise on. Very demanding if you're going to push it through the turns. I would recommend cars that are 500 PP and under if you want to have a great experience.
One of the best track of my saved ones. Even since the 1.20 version.
Great shape, scenery and banking