Sochi Autodrom 1.2 +video

Greatest Missing F1 Circuits Collection: Latest F1 member from Russia

  1. Bruno Pro
    Eifel Flat
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    This is the part of the project:
    Greatest Missing F1 Circuits Collection

    The idea is to make recreation of best F1 circuits missing from the game (GT6)

    Asian Pack

    · Sepang International Circuit: New and ultramodern; It was the first of the new breed of circuits that now dominate F1.

    · Shanghai International Circuit: Home of Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix

    · Bahrain International Circuit: created rather fitting environment of Death Valley

    · Bahrain International Circuit: created in Eifel Flat

    European Pack

    · Sochi Autodrom, the newest member of F1 family, Grand Prix of Russia
    (Presented here)

    · Hockenheimring, track that hosts (with Nurbugring GP) German Grand Prix

    American Pack

    · Austin's Circuit of the Americas appears to have finally ended 26 year search that USA has once again a modern and quality Formula 1 venue.

    Back to Sochi: it's such an interesting course, placed on the streets of Olympic village of Sochi The latest member of F1 Grand Prix family

    Power lap on Sochi Autodrom:

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  1. ButtKick
    Version: 0.1
    This is the closest replica I've found so far to the Sochi Grand Prix track.
    There's only a few minor flaws, All of which are due to the limitations of Course Maker.
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks for taking some time to review my course design ButtKick... I really appreciate that!
      (about the design differences due to the Track Designer limitations, I agree that there are few....unfortunately some tracks will be impossible to make with 100% accuracy)