Special Stage Route 11 + 5 Version 1.3

Special Stage City (proposed GT3 00') with elevations

  1. BarneyA
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    Fantasy version of special stage route 11 connected to special stage
    route 5 (reverse) at the old hairpins with curbing, elevations and scenery.

    I used the 'under construction' layout of route 11 with the tight right left chicanes behind the start finish straight inspired by mr grumpy/RM version. (these are tight!).
    For some reason the driving line disappears through these.
    Sadly the AI crashes here.

    The elevations are Not accurate, (250 ft) although you definitely can relate a few corners to the original circuits.

    Couldn't make the bridge at the end of special stage route 5 work so the circuit goes uphill through the tight chicane in reverse before looping back downhill through a chicane where the old pit entrance would be and a series of left turns to connect back onto route 11.

    Overall a nostalgic, challenging, fantasy circuit and my own twist on a couple of old favorites.

    Unfortunately not in a city theme.

    Open to suggestions for improvement.

    Please rate, like and enjoy.

    kKVQ6SyTphyo33oX7d_0.png ssr511edit (1).png SpecialStageCity1.png ssr2.jpg

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