Starlight Raceway 1.0

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  1. TerrorTimmy
    Eifel Flat
    Number Of Turns:
    Length (Unit):
    (Sorry, my IPad doesn't record sound anymore for some reason..) Here's a new very fast track: Starlight Raceway.
    The first 3-turn combination is a (in a heavily tuned lightweight car company rocket with slick tyres) flatout corner with steering on full lock.
    My fastest laptime around the track in the '07 rocket is: 1:23,872 (see video above for that lap)
    It's very fast and very challenging to drive on.
    Here are the corner names:

    1/2/3: Chicken's Lift
    4: Stihl Corner
    5: Hitachi Corner
    6: The Kink
    7/8: Double Trouble
    9: Repco Bend
    10/11: Honda Esses
    12: Follow Through
    13/14: Parramira Chicane
    15/16: Dogleg Straight
    17: Revolver Hairpin