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Track Description

Swift Motorsports Park is a wonderful circuit which combines high speed sections with a variety of technical parts.

Running down the 775 m long homestraight you will reach T 1 at pretty high speeds. The curbs on the left start 100 m before the turn but it’s necessary to brake a bit earlier. “Overture” is a nice flowing lap opener which provides several possible lines. The first sector of the lap consists of a combination of mid-speed/mid-radii corners called “Grand Esses”. It’s quite important to hit the apex of T 4 correctly to gain as much speed as possible for the following sweeping left-hander and the short straight before T 5. The braking zone before “Bridge-Hairpin” is the first significant opportunity for an overtake. If you brake too late you’ll probably miss the corner as it’s among the tightest of the track.

The next section named “Adagio S” is a rather slow part with some difficulties. Especially T 7 with its decreasing radius may need some practice. Not only that you need to take care of staying on track you should try not to lose too much speed at the exit. The one who gets better out of T 7 should have an advantage on the following straight and the long right-hander down the way to T 8. The braking zone before “Sting” corner could be another great possibility for a pass. This Double-Left is quite tricky but also feels great.

T 10 is another spot where you can win or lose time. The radius of “Prep” Corner may increase but the terrain rises slightly so it’s not too easy to hit the apex which is important for the following high-speed section. Both “Rapid I” and “Rapid II” only require short taps on the brakes and it feels amazing to drive through these curves at high speeds. The short straight down to T 13 provides another perfect chance for an overtake. At the middle of “Score” Corner the road rises again and leads to the fast and rather easy “Pitch” Corner.

The entry to “Hoist” corner is pretty tight but the curve opens up so there are several lines possible. The short kink at the following straight is the highest part of Swift Motorsports Park. While T 15 is a fantastic uphill hairpin T 16 is the perfect counterpart. The radius of “Drain” Corner decreases while the terrain slopes. Actually varying braking points and driving lines are possible which should provide interesting racing. But you better not lose the momentum as you’re facing the last sector of the lap.

The track goes downhill through a full-throttle left-kink and you are reaching “Presto S”. This is a super-fast combination with diverse possible driving techniques. Either you brake a bit more before T 17 and can go full-throttle through T 18 or you brake less at T 17 and need to correct the line at T 18 via some slight braking. You will definitely start into the backstraight at really high speeds.

The short kink is full-throttle of course and the track leads to T 19. The high speeds require some early and hard braking which means there’s another good overtaking spot. But if you pass on the inside you may have a problem to hold the line through “Swift-Chicane” so you better beware of the counter before T 20. “Capper” is a rather smooth Double-Left with not too much failure potential. As always exit speed is crucial for the homestraight and the prelude to another lap.

Hopefully you will like the layout with its moderate elevation, fast corners and wonderful views. Have fun racing!

Track Impressions


At the apex of T 4 - view to T 5


At the exit of T 7 ("Adagio S") - view to T 6+5


At the apex of T 9 ("Sting" corner) - view to T 8 in the front plus T 6 in the back


At the apex of T 12 ("Rapid II" corner) - view down to T 13


At the entry to T 17 ("Presto S") - view to T 18 in the front plus T 8+19 in the back


At the backstraight - view to T1+18 in the front plus T 13+17 in the back
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Awesome design, this well be apart of my permanent collection.
Great layout! Several nice combinations of corners and good use of the elevation changes.
Thanks eran, I feel pretty honored to receive such a good review by probably the best track creator around at GTPlanet. Your contour maps helped me so much in improving my own track creating techniques!