Ultima Touge 2017-01-04

14 mile Mountain pass loop with 3 uphill and 3 downhill sections 1594 vertical ft of touge

  1. BarneyA
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    Technical and varied mountain pass loop between two mountain crests with three uphill and three downhill sections.

    A highly varied touge loop with high, mid and low speed corner's, several uphill and downhill sections and switchback's.

    Some scares over crest's with blind corners where the car becomes light or even airbourne.

    Approx 10-12 min hot lap depending on hp.

    Almost 1600 ft triple ascent and descent featuring stunning scenery with plenty of space to park up and enjoy the view at the top and bottom of the mountains for cruise meets and just enough straight's for you to rest your eyes!

    Wide enough to race on.

    Three or Four corners with cheeky short cut lines.

    A few jumps (4-5) on some crests.

    A little bumpy on some apex's but its a mountain pass loop not a race circuit.

    Inspired by snake mountain/ canyon circuits.

    Some steep uphill sections on switchbacks ideal for nitro use.

    Ideal for cruise meets, drifting, uphill and downhill time attack and cops and robbers.

    Ideal for any car although 250hp upwards is probably best due to a few steep uphill sections out of sharp low speed corners.

    I would advise learning the circuit before trying a hot lap straight away.

    If start time set to 06:30 the race will begin in darkness.

    Due to the orientation of the circuit as you crest the mountain the sun will rise over the east mountain face adding a difficult sun glare element at around 07:15 - 07:20.

    Created using the modded APK on the north east mountain's in the
    Andalusia theme.

    This will make your eyes hurt and requires absolute concentration!!!

    I am open to suggestions for improvement.

    Please comment, rate, review and enjoy!

    Please help me make the next track even better.

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Recent Reviews

  1. seraph1
    Version: 2017-01-04
    Tested hundreds of tracks, this one is the cream over the top of all others. Tough. Technical. Demands your total concentration and driving ability. A real test for man and machine! Well done.
    1. BarneyA
      Author's Response
      Many many thanks, means a lot to get positive feedback and such a high rating.
      If its not too much to ask please could you let me know what you particularly like about the track? certain sections etc? I plan to make a few more of these incorperating the buildings on the other mountain in the north east and would love to get peoples opinion so i can make the next track even better. Please do look at my other tracks, you may enjoy epic jump touge, insane up down hillside, rome night, grindelwald and special stage route 11 + 5. Thanks very much for taking the time to review. happy gaming!

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