Virginia International Raceway v1.0

Only 60 m longer, proper route with adapted homestraight, elevation 70 % correct, accurate curbs

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    Replica of Virginia International Raceway v1.0

    Here's my replica of the beautiful North American woodland track.

    This is the Full Course layout which is the most common one. There are other layouts possible but they are used rarely.

    While the track might be rather unknown in Europe it's probbaly very popular at North America. The reason could be it's fast layout and the special elevation. The lowest point of the track is at T 1 and the highest point is at T 11 and T 12. The overall elevation of the replica is quite similar to the real track but it was not possible to recreate every crest and basin absolutely correct.

    I've had to adapt the homestraight a little as the original one is bent a bit. The result is a smoother T 18 and a shorter way from T 18 to T 1. The lap starts with a technical section - after the long right hander Horseshoe (T 1) three left handers are following whereof T 4a is the tightest. The following right hander T 4b is really tight as well and very crucial because of the subsequent uphill section.

    Depending on the car it's possible to go full throttle up to T 10 which can be quite a thrilling ride through all the fast turns. However there might be some throttle lift necessary at T 5a and T 8a in most cars to stay on track. Once you've passed the two tight right handers T 11 and T 12 you are facing a more than 1.2 km long straight.

    You are reaching T 13 via a long crest and the braking point is not really visible here. T 13 might not be the problem as it's rather smooth but if you are too late on the brakes you'll fly off at the next T 14. This section is called Roller Coaster, a steep downhill section. The whole last sector is downhill and the fast turns leading back to the homestraight are great fun.

    v1.0 Release Notes:
    • track length ca. 60 m longer than original
    • proper route drawn over aerial image
    • 600 m homestraight had to be adapted due to TPE limitations
      (now T 18 is displaced)
    • elevation about 70 % correct, quite similar to the original track as far as possible
    • general shape of terrain close to the real raceway
    • proper track width (10.5 m)
    • curbs placed at original positions
    • original track gate before T 7
    • tents after T 12 symbolize the south pits
    • trees and woodlands placed where possible to represent the real scenery
    Have fun racing this circuit!

    Original onboard lap

    Original Track Map

    Virginia International Raceway_Map.jpg

    Replica Track Map

    Virginia International Raceway_Replica_Map.png

    Original Elevation Map


    Original Aerial View

    Virginia International Raceway_Aerial.jpg
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