Warwick Farm, Sydney Australia 2015-10-09

A touch of Australian motor racing history

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    This track had a brief life from 1960 to 1973 or thereabouts, and saw some amazing performances.

    To my taste, I loved the races where the leaders were extremely mismatched. A classic example was when the Neptune Racing Team fielded their Mustang, Lotus Cortina and Mini Cooper S, all in their team's blue livery.

    Here's a typical race description. The Mustang would take the lead down Hume Straight, only to lose it to the Mini or the Lotus Cortina between the Esses and Polo. Lap after lap would see position changes and excitement galore, with the outcome never a foregone conclusion.

    It saw many legends including Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Jochen Rindt, Bruce McLaren, John Surtees, Bob Jane, Norm Beechey, Frank Matich, Spencer Martin, Denny Hulme, Graham Hill, Frank Gardner, Kevin Bartlett, the Geoghegan brothers, Peter Brock, Colin Bond and many others.

    "The Farm" provided my personal introduction to motor racing. I recall on day one watching an MGA circling in the pack of other open sports cars with ever-lengthening flames belching from underneath!

    This rendition of the The Farm diverges from reality in at least two ways. I chose a maxed out width to allow for more passing freedom, assuming you'll choose mismatched cars as above. The second issue is that the minimum pit straight length allowed by the Track Path Editor is about 50% longer than the actual pit straight was. So I extended the straight towards the Hume Highway, and added a loop to bring it back to the original line, thus adding about a quarter of a mile to the lap length.

    YouTube will give you some great examples of fine racing there, including these

    Some more typically dry weather -

    Here's a fine example of Mustang vs Mini Cooper S

    Some more history here - http://www.speedwayandroadracehistory.com/sydney-warwick-farm-raceway.html
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