Watkins Glen - Long Course

Circuit (Replica) Watkins Glen - Long Course v1.0

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Replica of Watkins Glen International v1.0
-Long Course-

After testing this version of Watkins Glen - Short Course by @nascarfan1400 I decided to recreate the Long Course which is used for the IndyCar Series.

As the elevation is really close to original in that version I orientated to that direction of the homestraight and created the full circuit layout.

v1.0 Release Notes:

Track length and elements
  • track length only 40 m longer than original
  • all element lengths measured in a Google Earth image
  • every radius and straight very close to original
  • T5 (bus stop chicane) adapted to reduce bumps to a minimum
  • T 8 adapted to remove a turn exit bump
Curbing and Scenery
  • all original curbs placed correctly
  • stands close to original places (where possible)
  • as original fences can't be recreated I positioned a track gate at The Esses to symbolize the originally existing overpass
  • some extra trees, banks, track marshals and tents to create an alive circuit
  • not manageable to create the exact real elevation
  • close to original elevation in many track parts
    - downhill to T1
    - downhill through T2
    - uphill through T3 and T4 (The Esses)
    - slight downhill out of T6 and to T7
    - uphill through T8
    - flat from T10 to T12
  • different from original but still nice parts
    - T5 (chicane) little too steep
    - T6 (inner loop) uphill to apex and downhill afterwards
    - lowest track part at entry to T7
    - uphill through T7 and to T8
    - downhill section to T9, through T9 and to T10
The elevation is very similar to original in the first part of the track up to the bus stop chicane. The compared to short version added "The Boot" section has a different from original elevation. The terrain just doesn't allow a correct original replica for that track part. Nevertheless this creation is fun to drive and there is general elevation feel which any Eifel flat version can't provide.

Though there are no extremly long straights this circuit is really fast and has a fantastic flow. There are some small kinks through the chicane and T7 and T8 are a bit challenging.

I suggest to test it yourself! Have fun.

Thanks to @OGGamer who captured this thrilling 6 lap Arcade Race video.

Original Track Map

Original Elevation Map


Replica Track Map


Replica Scenery Map

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You keep doing excellent tracks. I have downloaded this one, sachsenring, Monticello, Portimáo.
Well done mate.
I apreciate your favour for my my tracks! Thanks!
Another great effort Patrick! I have now deleted the other version that I had that someone else did.
Thanks for you review!
Being a fan of nascarfan1400's short version of "The Glen" I was really looking forward to your interpretation of the long circuit and once again it doesn't disappoint.

For the best experience, put yourself in a super GT/GT 300 car, turn all those assists off, engage cockpit view and prepare yourself for a thrill ride :-) Even against the AI this track produces some great racing.

Turn 8 is especially challenging if you drive in first person - a completely blind entry and exit that will provoke a little clench every time you steam into it, but the entire circuit is peppered with interesting moments to catch out the unwary.

This is another really good piece of work - thanks Patrick8308 for a good few hours of fun already.
I'm happy the longer version is being liked too! I'll have to test Super GT or GT 300 here myself, seems very promising. Thanks for that detailed review!
Good follow, Fun & challenging. Great work. I like all the tracks you make.
Thanks for that compliment! Great that you enjoy my tracks. Have fun racing.