Woodland Dropway

Circuit (Fantasy) Woodland Dropway v1.0

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Track Description

The homestraight of Woodland Dropway is 775 m long and goes downhill up to the finish line. That means you’re heading towards T 1 at very high speeds. The curbs on the left start 100 m before the turn so you should brake just a bit before the curbs. “Prelude” is a nice hairpin which opens up slightly and rises a small bit.

The backstraight is a section of 3 full throttle kinks intercepted by straights which means the braking zone before “Sequel“ corner is a perfect spot for an overtake. Again there are curbs placed on the right side that indicate the braking point. At the exit of T 2 the route starts to rise rather steeply.

“Uplift” corner can be taken quite easily, there’s only very slight braking or simply throttle lift necessary. The following T 4 isn’t easy at all – actually it’s one of the most difficult corners of the track. You should start braking rather early just a tad after the T 3 exit curbs on the right side do end. The apex is completely blind plus it’s an anti-banked curve - tough challenge.

If you’ve mastered “Ridge” corner well you’re heading towards a very fast downhill section of high radii turns. The first one is “High-V” which can be taken full throttle and produces a lot of G-Force. You should try to exit T 6 on the very left side to optimize the entry to T 7. It’s quite tricky to find the perfect turn-in-point and the necessary amount of braking input. But it’s great fun to master “Warp” turn at high velocity.

The way up to T 8 is another excellent passing possibility. But don’t brake too late or you will crash into the green wall. If you hit the apex of “Edge” corner well you can accelerate earlier then you might think.

The following double curve is rather difficult again. The apex of T 9 is blind plus the route drops right after the crest at the beginning of the turn. But there are several lines possible to manage “Skew” corner. T 10 is a full throttle downhill curve and leads to another overtaking spot just before the following “M-Hairpin”. You need to brake quite early as there are rather intense downhill forces here. T 11 offers a number of possible lines as well and feels just great.

The route starts to rise again and after the full throttle T 12 you’re heading towards “Z-Chicane”. You should brake a bit after the curbs on the left side have started. Watch out your car won’t get too much unsettled through that fast uphill chicane.

When you reach T 14 you’re at the top of the track. It’s a very slow hairpin right at the crest. As you reach the exit of that hairpin you can’t see where the road is going (especially when using bumper view). But all you have to do is drive straight forward and enjoy the following huge drop – simply called “The Drop”. The car usually won’t jump here but you can intensely feel the G-Forces and how the car gets light first before you're getting pressed down the tarmac at the bottom. I’m really fascinated by that section and decided to name the track after that spot plus the woodland scenery.

T 16 is a full throttle downhill right-hander which leads to another tricky high-speed corner combination. “Red Water” is a bit similar to Spa Francorchamp’s Eau Rouge corner. The driving line is also similar – you have to keep on the left, brake at the bottom and turn-in to the right very hard. If you hit that entry well the exit can be taken full throttle.

“Wake” corner is super-fast with only very slight braking needed. At the exit of that turn you should start braking for the following “Descent S”. The braking zone is very long and provides passing opportunities. T 19/20 is going downhill and rather hard to master - especially if your car tends to understeer.

The lap ends with “Express” corner where only short braking is required before you can nail it down the homestraight.

I hope you enjoy the layout, the elevation and the beautiful scenery of Woodland Dropway. Have fun racing here!

Track Impressions


Up the backstraight - view to T 1 in the front plus T 10+11 in the back


At the apex of T 4 ("Ridge" corner) - view to T 7+8+9+10


At the apex of T 8 ("Edge" corner) - view to T 6+7


At the exit of T 9 ("Skew" corner) - view to T 10+11


At the exit of T 14 at "The Drop" - spectacular view to almost all track
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