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    Any chance of a zoomed in cockpit view?

    Yeah, just an option to turn off the steering wheel + arms would work for me.
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    I present to you: Nürburgring Nordschleife

    I recently gone back to playing GT4 specifically for the 'ring. In my opinion it's fantastic, so I'll be happy to see it in whatever stage it's in beyond that, even if it's just given the HD treatment!
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    Codemasters gets 2009 F1 licence. What does this mean for GT5?

    Will Codemasters' new exclusive licence for the 2009 F1 season affect the F1 cars we will see in GT5? What should we expect?
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    GTP_Registry Discussion Thread

    GTP_igor added to the registry - great! Let's see some more Kiwis, surely I'm not the only one?
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    GTP_Registry Discussion Thread

    OK, my post has showed up. That's good news at least. Now how do I send a PM? Other forums I'm on it's usually clicking the username. Apologies if discussing it here is inappropriate. I'll list the details here anyway - GTP_igor New Zealand
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    GTP_Registry Discussion Thread

    Been a member here for a while, but don't believe I've posted before. It appears that my first post needs to be approved, correct? Then I'll be able to send a PM regarding the registry?