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    How to make 8 million credits/ hour while being afk.

    Thanks OP for the tip for getting this one done without a sweat! My bspec guy is only 30 and he manages to do this with 2-3 push commands. ( he is terrible)
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    When you get GT5... What's your plans?

    Setup Check the game out Start taking Licenses Beginner races Venture online and race with my buddies And of course i might be so excited that i skip right to a race and just go and setup and crap later! I got the whole week off (yes a gt5 vacation) so i got tons of time not to sleep and race...
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    Music Who Are Your Favorite Guitarists?

    1. Van Halen 2. Stevie Ray Vaughn 3. Jimi Hendrix 4. Peter Frampton 5. Joe Satriani The top guys can stand on there own for the most part that has to be the difference for me in my choices. They have all been mentioned in earlier posts but here is how i rate them. Also good mentions Slash...
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    Battlefield 1942 for free!

    do you still got this if so pm me plz
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    I'll tune the cars for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you please tune me a 3000GT VR-4 Turbo (J) for the "Nur" with nothing higher then R3 tires. Thanks. ps Times isnt that important as much as just the simple fact of zooming around in my favorite car.
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    R/C car thread!

    nice Hyperspeed. My tt-01D is my first as well. Heres where the mine sits at the moment. I know about the wires, lets just say they are working themselves
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    R/C car thread!

    How did you get that antenna wire up that pipe for it? I cant seem to slide mine into it. Is there a trick to it? Other then that i still need to wrap the wires and tuck them awhile neatly. nice job with yours btw.
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    R/C car thread!

    I have a tt-01d for drifting with the Silvia body (waits for warmer weather for paint) and besides the basic hopups for the drifting modal i have yet to get into it. Maybe when i get around to it i will post some pictures/video On a side note I haven't installed the light kit (came with it) was...
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    Gran Turismo Tunes DB / software project

    This looks really cool, any chance you could make a simpler version of this for offline use perhaps? I love the idea with this. I would totally use it.
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    'Lotus Elise 111R Tuned' No Mercy 650PP Suzuka tune

    wait what car is this I just pulled out the elise tuned version and its cant go to 650 with it tuned like that.
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    Dutch Customs Tuning Shop - Your one stop tuning shop - Closed

    your original HSR tune was nothing but aces and i cant wait to put a review on this one.
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    Fall update

    expect less, get more
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    Wheel Snobbery

    I for one dont look down on non wheel users becuase i enjoyed using the pad for all those years before i even checked out a wheel. I do however find that user of the wheel are usually (not always though) smoother drivers and more fun to race with but I dont consider my non wheel buddies out...
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    GT5P Settings Record Sheet

    there is also an nice excel spreadsheet on the psu forums if you would like to check that out as well. Now if someone can do this in a stand alone format that would take this to the next level.
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    Blitz Hendrix Tuning- Closing down.....

    A very stable, fun tune for daytona road course. Maybe one of the faster cars at this track with the givin tune.
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    settings by Roxa_p

    Never mind its hard to reply to a post that makes no sense as it is not clearly labeled.
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    GTP Drift Team?

    I would love to drift with you guys maybe ill learn something who knows just check my profile for a way to find me if your on.
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    G25 Question

    no you cant reverse the shifting order just the placement of the shifter.
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    GTP Drift Team?

    ya asm off tcs off and N1 tires. Maybe i need to use a slower car lol?