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  1. Cuber Tom

    Gran Turismo FIA Online Championship World Final Preview: Glory Awaits

    Massive congrats to everyone on the podium. Especially pleased for Alfa and @Dodge Lamb. Amazing job considering he's a pad player. @Dodge Lamb can I claim an honorary podium since I helped you guys qualify for the event?
  2. Cuber Tom

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    I'm pretty pleased with the end result of my season. 30th overall and top Alfa in EMEA despite only doing 5 round seriously and 6 in total. A few bad qualifying and some disconnects lowering the points probably cost me a spot at the world finals, but 1st reserve considering I only started racing...
  3. Cuber Tom

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    Really please with my result yesterday. Didn't manage to win, but p2 and 2.8k points is a great result. But the stand out thing has to be how close quali was. 0.028s separated the top 4
  4. Cuber Tom

    Competitors and Viewers Criticize Stewarding at FIA GT Championship's Nurburgring World Tour

    I've been pretty vocal about the penalties in one of our whats app groups. As far as I can tell the amount of poor driving has been increasing every event. The penalties aren't enough to dissuade people from making poor moves especially when you won't even be penalised half the time. I remember...
  5. Cuber Tom

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    Completely bottled the race on the first lap but got really close at the end. I think this is the first time I've got 2600 points and been disappointed. My qualifying also shows how much strength in depth EMEA has. My lap would have been enough for pole in all 3 top split races but was only...
  6. Cuber Tom

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    So the percentage of chance of a players qualifing from each region is: 0.035% from EMEA 0.202% from NA 0.204% from Asia 0.564% from SA 1.026% from Oceania So it was 30 times easier to qualify for the Nurb WT from Oceania than it was from EMEA
  7. Cuber Tom

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    First race was a disaster. Penalty on lap 2 and engine damage left me last. Managed to recover to 10th. 2nd attempt went much better despite a terrible quali. When @SkyPikmin pitted he was 7 seconds ahead and he finish 5.5 ahead so I could have been contesting the win if I hadn't started 12th
  8. Cuber Tom

    Important information for top controller (DS4) users

    While it sucks for pad players that they're only allowing wheels at the event, I understand why they're doing it. You said in the Asia regional final they filmed it in a why that didn't show your arms. Clearly the sponsors weren't happy with this. Puma and Thrustmaster clearly wouldn't be happy...
  9. Cuber Tom

    Suggestion for the live events, adding an analyst desk

    I think this is an excellent idea. I noticed the (English) commentators made a few mistakes during the streams. Normally they come and talk to us to find out about the strategy and what each of the cars are like, but we didn't get the chance this event because they were so busy doing the...
  10. Cuber Tom

    40 Things you probably didn't know about the Paris World Tour

    @TRL LIGHTNING really appreciated my rally advice on the radio. Unfortunately he didn't even get a chance to use them
  11. Cuber Tom

    First Gran Turismo Sport Live Event of 2019 Set for Paris March 14–18 He was on team Subaru
  12. Cuber Tom

    First Gran Turismo Sport Live Event of 2019 Set for Paris March 14–18

    Penalty glitch was fixed in the build we were using
  13. Cuber Tom

    First Gran Turismo Sport Live Event of 2019 Set for Paris March 14–18

    You're not comparing like to like numbers. If you compare the English streams on the Gran Turismo TV YouTube channel for this event and the world finals it's 30k Vs 57k and the World final has had 4 months to get those views.
  14. Cuber Tom

    Things I've witnessed that increase your DR

    This isn't correct. If you beat a driver who has a DR more than 40k lower you still gain 1 DR point. Winning a race means you get at least 1DR point times the number of drivers entered in the race. You cannot lose DR by winning unless you get a DR reset.
  15. Cuber Tom

    GT Sport's New Tokyo Track: One Lap With European Champion Mikail Hizal

    I only drove the track for 3 or 4 laps in the Audi Gr1 hybrid, but I think the layout used in the nations races easily the best tokyo track. It also has plenty of overtaking spots and a couple of corners where you can use different line to setup a move
  16. Cuber Tom

    FIA Events '18 - World Finals Monaco Finished! Congrats to Team Lexus and Igor Fraga for Brazil!

    I suspect that we'll get more manufacturers involved next year. After the podium ceremony we were asked to film a small message for Aston Martin. I have no idea what they plan to do with it but I hope it wasn't for nothing. @SkyPikmin mentioned that he might be doing something with Lexus as...
  17. Cuber Tom

    FIA Events '18 - World Finals Monaco Finished! Congrats to Team Lexus and Igor Fraga for Brazil!

    What an absolutely amazing week! Monaco is probably the best location in the world they could have picked to host the World Finals. This was my 2nd live event after going to the first world tour in Germany. Everything was a massive step up in Monaco. The whole event was ridiculously good. It...