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  1. phonyk

    Shell out $500 to play GT7?

    They're all games, just with a different focus. ACC, AC, AMS2, iRacing, and so on. All games. Sure, people spend thousands on hardware, but that doesn't mean it's not a game. A game you could play with a controller if you like. But PC hardware is expensive - I've been building computers since...
  2. phonyk

    Shell out $500 to play GT7?

    I spent £2000 to play Minecraft, by that logic.
  3. phonyk

    How Gran Turismo 7's Trailer Uses Real-Time Ray Tracing

    Possibly, although the shifter knob which is definitely ray traced appears to show the outline of the roof and A pillars quite clearly.
  4. phonyk

    How Gran Turismo 7's Trailer Uses Real-Time Ray Tracing

    I thought the reflection of the helmet was pretty interesting, because as far as I could see, there's no reflection of the car itself reflected in the surfact of the helmet reflected in the mirror. It might be that in the mirror there's a cubemap or some kind of hybrid solution for reflective...
  5. phonyk

    GT7 is just GT Sport+ (Trailer Breakdown)

    If all we get grom GT7 is GT Sport's physics, with graphics updated to add some RT features, plus 500 odd cars, car modification, and a full and comprehensive single player experience in the vein of GT4, frankly I'd be absolutely chuffed with that. And I wouldn't be suprised if that's exactly...
  6. phonyk

    How will you play Gran Turismo 7?

    I'm not really interested in online racing in Gran Tursimo, I have sims on my PC for that, so for me it'll be the offline experience. It's the same reason why I've not bothered with GT Sport - I want the full nostalgic experience of starting with one of the 500 different flavours of identical...
  7. phonyk

    Will the ps5 be stong enough to handle 4k 60fps, VR, advanced physics and tire modeling, ray tracing

    It's an interesting question but one that's very hard to answer. Partly because we don't know the hardware specs in detail, specifically how robust the hardware support for realtime raytracing, but also because it depends on what you mean by '4K'. I feel like we're now into a sort of...
  8. phonyk

    Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals

    Different ways to skin a cat. Remember there are lots of different types of load cell; they're not all the same thing. AFAIK the load cell on the throttle and clutch on the Ultimates measure the deflection/tension of a lever below the pedal arm, in which case they are measuring the position of...
  9. phonyk

    Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals

    Load cell rating ≠ force required on the brake pedal. The 100kg is the maximum force that can be measured as applied directly to the load cell; the pedal on its pivot is a lever which acts as a force multiplier. You won't need to put anywhere near 100kg of pressure on the brake pedal to max out...
  10. phonyk

    Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals

    I'd say if anything the pedals may be moving around by compressing the plastic bushings on the pedal arm rather than the pivot mountings on the base. That's fairly heavy duty ABS plastic and with the lateral loads there shouldn't really be a ton of movement on the throttle and clutch. It won't...
  11. phonyk

    Project CARS 2 sign up is open!

    No apology needed; I'll freely admit that I've never been involved in games development so if my assumptions are wide of the mark, I'll happily defer to someone who knows more about it. I come from an IT background and I'm a professional project manager, so I'm assuming that game development...
  12. phonyk

    Project CARS 2 sign up is open!

    I think in this case it's more a question of whether it works, than how it works
  13. phonyk

    Project CARS 2 sign up is open!

    Companies usually get around this issue by actually employing their own teams of testers and doing proper market research. I don't think the model has proved very successful given how many huge bugs were still present at launch - bugs which seemingly hadn't even been noticed/logged at the beta...
  14. phonyk

    Project CARS 2 sign up is open!

    I don't find anything surprising about them starting work on the sequel. What I am a bit more surprised about is that they've got the begging bowl back out. Did they make no money from PCars1 then? Usually a developer invests in developing a game, and then recoups the money (plus a healthy dose...
  15. phonyk

    PS4 Clio Cup, snap oversteer, Donington.

    If other people can make the car take the corner faster than you without losing control, then you're not yet able to get the maximum performance out of the car. No amount of tweaking your setup is going to change that.
  16. phonyk

    Has Project Cars lived up to the hype?

    For me it does live up to the hype. But then I guess that's entirely subjective. I've got it on PS4, and thanks to (well documented) bugs I'm unable to use my steering wheel. That's immensely frustrating, especially when my entire decision to buy a PS4 rested on the fairly late announcement of...
  17. phonyk

    Do you believe in God?

    Let's not forget of course, that the process by which oil is created takes longer than the Earth is meant to have existed, according to the Abrahamic religions. If the method by which God chooses to bestow these riches upon the Arab nations is one which effectively disproves their religion, it...
  18. phonyk


    Maybe, although I'd say I'd be a lot more hesitant to confront an intruder if I had to physically fight with them (even armed with whatever was to hand) than if I would point a gun at them and shoot them from across the room. How prevalent is the intruder scenario in the US? I can't say it's...
  19. phonyk

    Texting, then assulting ex cop, during movie equals death.

    2AM at your average town centre in the UK and it would be very hard to disagree with that statement..