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    Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo

    Hello I think 2nd gear is supposed to be 3.810 instead of 2.810. Also, 350kph=217mph. 214 mph is not available on this car. I'm sure everyone figured it out but just wanted to let you know. That was a lot of gears to go through! :scared: This looks like another great tune. I can't wait to try...
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    Where to test Standing Starts?

    Hello I want to learn more about tuning the transmission. It would be useful to be able to "test drive" standing starts in a quick, easily accessible game format whether on or offline. How do you guys test this? Do you know which races have standing starts and allow a wide variety of cars...
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    Hello GR65 I can't get the gears to set on this. The lowest starting at 3rd is 1.451. I assume the power is correct because my power limiter is at 67.1 just like yours. Is something wrong? Thanks
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    TheCardboardBox | 峠Touge | 湾岸Wangan | GT6 Tuning - VGT's and more!

    Awesome tune! I bet it would work well at 450p as well. These cars do not get enough love on here. There are only a handful of 206 tunes on GTPlanet. Thanks for sharing 👍
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    Lancia STRATOS

    I tuned it at 450pp 1001 kg, 47/53 weight distribution on comfort softs and it did a 1:44.043 lap at the Brands Hatch seasonal. That is a decent time for me. Not quite as fast as the Dino but very good for a Stratos.
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    Difficult Car Spotlight - Lancia Stratos

    Wow, you did a really good job here. It has a light, responsive steering feel with a good amount of stability and grip for this car. I can't believe how "neutral" this Stratos feels. 👍
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    HaB-Racing (ONLINE only): LM/LMP to 450-600pp roadcars sports tyres - 2015 revisions COMING SOON

    There are a lot of gems in here! This is one of many that I'm glad not to have missed. 👍
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    I've been judging relative to other car's times at the Brands Hatch seasonal. It is definitely quick enough for an easy win but a couple seconds off what I would consider very fast. From what I can tell, this course is favorable for Mid and Rear engine vehicles too. Out of 10 or so runs on it...
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    Thanks, I have had tried that one and someone was nice enough to send the Praiano tune as well. I've probably tried all the 450pp tunes on GTP now. This car is nice to drive but seems relatively slow for a 450pp. I wonder if the Anniversary Edition is much better.
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    Does anyone have this tune who wouldn't mind to share it? The link to the picture is broken. Thanks
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    Arrakis Speed Shop//UPDATED 4/4/16// NSX-R 500pp SH-SS/

    I did 1:43.2 with this at the Brand Hatch Seasonal with Praiano's 450pp power and gearing setup. I'm not an outstanding driver or anything but this blows away any other European FWD I've taken around there. I tried 3 other popular tunes, all were great but this was the best. It gained 1 second...
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    Arrakis Speed Shop//UPDATED 4/4/16// NSX-R 500pp SH-SS/

    Hmm. It was only a couple of the premium FWD Golfs that I had problems with. Maybe it is an issue inherent to them and perhaps I do need to use the softer tires. Anyhow. I'll keep this in mind and give them another shot eventually. They felt damaged in general with the negative front toe. I...
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    Arrakis Speed Shop//UPDATED 4/4/16// NSX-R 500pp SH-SS/

    I see. Just to be clear; I prefer your positive toe on this car and have had issues with negative toe on other tunes. I drove it with CS tires actually. So you believe that negative toe works better now or only with certain tires?
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    Arrakis Speed Shop//UPDATED 4/4/16// NSX-R 500pp SH-SS/

    You do great stuff with FWD cars! I don't understand why there are so many duckfooted, negative front toe'd Golf tunes. It would be nice if these all handled like the Scirocco or AWD R's but I'm not sure that negative toe is always the best solution. I find that it makes corner exit very...
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    Haus of flying Daggers

    I'm not very good at drifting but I've tried a few different cars/tunes now. This is definitely my favorite of the bunch! Very easy!! I'd recommend it to anyone having trouble with a Drift event. It is a real shame that PD did not give us a premium A80 Supra. In my opinion, this is one of the...
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    Haus of flying Daggers

    It is quite good! I'm not sure how much better a truck can handle. I enjoyed taking it to Silverstone in the Ib Supercar race and making good use of the off road capability! :lol:
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    Race Audi S4 '98

    This is my first tune for GT6. This Audi seems to have a lot more rear rotation (and Fun!) in stock form than the other Audi super sedans. I couldn't find any tunes for it on here. Hopefully I did not ruin it too much! Give it a go and let me know. Critique is welcome. Update 1/16/16 This may...
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    Audi S4 '98

    RiffleKing submitted a new resource: Audi S4 '98 - 294 hp 1408kg Comfort and Sports tires Read more about this resource...
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    Bowtie's Speed Shop : Ultimate Corvette Collection!

    Thanks for pointing that out! It's a really useful feature that I am not used to seeing on here. I've been auditioning some of the European cars on the Brands Hatch Seasonal. The little MG really surprised me in stock form. It feels validating to see how well you in it. Can't wait to try the tune!
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    Nostalgic for a loose, fast FWD: i.e. Fumes GT3 Spoon Civic

    Good to hear! I've always liked the look of that car and have one already. I will try to put something together for it. @randyrockstiff and @OdeFinn, nice driving and tuning. I am envious of you ring rats. I need to take the time to learn the big track. @OdeFinn Haha, this is a troll car? I...