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    Going back to controller

    GT-Sport is the only game where you faster with a joypad. But GT-Sport is anyway more like a jump´n´run, just press the stick in the right moment. Thanks to the poor physics it is perfect for Joypad racedrivers.
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    Fanatec and continued lack of product?

    the upcomming10nm fanatec base?
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    Fanatec and continued lack of product?

    Wait little bit, there is a fanatec entry level direct drive in development.
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    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    Hi, i was reading the combo of drivehub+ds4+dd1 didnt work on ps5? also the combo drivehub+ds5+dd1 didnt work? can someone explain why? are there plans to make this possible via new drivehub firmware? until yet, i will need a third party ps5 controller to make drivehub+dd1 working on ps5? on...
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    Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel Bases Thread

    hi, sry for the delay, i didnt noticed that im not banned(reason was that i sayd my opinion to the fast&furious movis) anymore. have not changed this settigs now for couple of months. to me, it feels good. personal sweetspot arrived. there are 2 main settings, one race setting and one drift...
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    COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion Thread (see OP for useful links)

    Someone remember that deagle forecast for 2025? 🙂 What if that virus wasnt made to shrink china. What if they just have choosed china as start point for maximal spreading? 🙂 Prepare to die everyone HAHAHA!
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    Most unique kms in a rally game

    Dirt 2 have epic tracks especially the longer ones are worth a ride. By Dirt2 i dont mean dirt rally 2.0.
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    COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion Thread (see OP for useful links) Hopefully PD can finish GT7 before we all die 🙂
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    Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel Bases Thread

    I think you didnt get behind the idea of ffb pedals if you start talking about springs and hydraulic stuff.
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    Full 900° steering wheel animation in the next GT

    As wheel only user, YES! Or at least an option to turn off the steering wheel or add another cockpit cam without have to see the wheel.
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    Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel Bases Thread

    @Fanatec Would you like to build Force Feedback Pedals? 🙂 gas, brake, clutch are direct connected to a servo. no springs or loadcells. This would be revolutionary!!! imagine the possibilitys of simulating a clutch by forcefeedback! or the brake! and even the gas pedal! everythink can adjusted...
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    Daily Workout Gift Bug

    I would be happy to have this bug LOL 🙂 Every day the same cars, every month cleaning garage....again and again 🙂 They should do it diffrent. That daily reward should be a mixed chance of cash, colors, xp and very very rare cars(that you cant buy or get it other way). I more like to getting...
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    Thrustmaster T-GT phantom shift unresponsive shifts

    Hi:) Had similar problems with the t-gt rim. After few weeks, buttons pressed autonomous be itself, causes weird moves like paused the game ect. Happends most of the time while the steering axle is in a position arround 100-130° I checked the rim, i opened it, looked at all, no issues found...
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    Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals

    If TM answer with a meme from that orange clown, who is known for telling lies & bs all the time, then probably WRONG means RIGHT and the price is realy 300 ! 🤔😕 😁
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    Your top 5 Forza 8 improvement request

    The only real important thing "i" need - Proper privat lobbys - like in gran turismo, where you have control about anything. The online part of FM4-5 was great, now on FM6-7 its pure cancer. You cant even create a room! With a proper privat lobby stystem i would not go back to gran turismo...
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    Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals

    There are bundles now with pedals + h-shifter, nice price. Check out TM website.
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    Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter Thread

    There are some bundles now with pedals + h-shifter. TH8A & T3PA 200€ TH8A & T3PA PRO 260€ Nice price! or amazon or your shop of choice.
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    Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel Bases Thread

    Someone tryed the max rotation yet? 2500° steering rotation Its kind of funny to drive with 🙂 In the VW Bulli it almost feels like shipping across the sea, ARR! 😂👍
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    Gran Turismo 7 Rumored as PlayStation 5 Launch Title

    The news is 4 days old, so why not post it here in the GT7 thread? Why you not just shut up if you havent something to say.