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    Corrupt Save File? (PC)

    Hey guys, Anyone's got Corrupt save file trouble on PC? I can't play the game on PC due to a corrupt save file (won't even create the file to begin with). Already in talks about it with their Support, but so far, not much help there. I see there are a lot of people with this problem...
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    Poll: GTP F1 2010 Online Custom GP - Gauging 360 Interest

    I have it pre-loaded on PC(Steam) and will get it on 360.
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    Off-track adherence worry

    Watching those new TGS videos brings out a worry. I see a lot of off-track activity, mainly people going straight through sandpits and grass and barely slow down or lose control. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be any video demos of real racing rules .yet., so this makes me a bit worried...
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    Uncompetitive/Unrealistic AI Car Choices?

    The reason for this is to create a gap in difficulty and create spacing during a race. However i find its quite a poor way to do it. It shows a lack of AI coding archtetypes. Instead the car's performence is the way to balance everything. Poorly handling cars will be harder to drive and thus...
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    If GT5 does incorporate a livery editor...

    Gt5 and 6 are racing games, race cars have liveries, of course its suitable.
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    If GT5 does incorporate a livery editor...

    👍 As for strange liveries that have "no place on a racing track"... I've brought those up before... Its always a matter of opinion; but there is one consequent truth: Its always better to leave the option to the client. Have a server setting that says "i don't want to download other...
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    If GT5 does incorporate a livery editor...

    One thing i realised about "livery Editor" in FM2/3 was that the only kind of cars i liked to design were "fantasy realistic" racing car schemes. By that i mean, cars with basic pattern/design (nothing like a Japanese anime or TheMatrix Neo face) livery, with custom made sponsors, as well as my...
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    Head Tracking Confirmed for GT5!!!

    Shouldn't be glitchy at all actually, trackir has been using the same tech for almost 10years now. I've been using one for il2, gtr2, fsx and othergames for a very long time. BasicLly you simply tilt your head a few degrees left or right and the game should make your in-game head turn tge same...
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    The Damage Thread - Best Buy Demo, Now Thats More Like It!

    Actually, its got everything to do with this Thread; which is about damage on car models. GTA4 makes due in rendering AI NPCs, Driving NPCs (that actually make a good effort at trying to get away from you), visual FX, a whole freakin' city in streaming memory and car damage that's more...
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    Colin McRae Dirt 2

    hey guys, just got Dirt2 on Steam (PC) and i can't create a save file (save corruption bug). anyone's got a work around? I'm running a XP 64bits OS. Its funny cause i can't even play one race and save... and it sucks cause well, i can't really progress through
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    The Damage Thread - Best Buy Demo, Now Thats More Like It!

    i can't believe there is so much miscommunication from PD on this subject. They release videos which show half-assed features (uncomplete or purposefully toned down) all around, give media demos away where no one seems to be able to get a straight answer from or are under NDA not to reveal...
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    The Damage Thread - Best Buy Demo, Now Thats More Like It!

    I don't know guys... concerning damage. I think its part of the sport and should be part of a game that promotes that sport. And since PD says if they do it, they'll do it right... But i haven't seen anything "right" about it so far... Case in point...
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    What would YOU find dissapointing in GT5?

    2 disappointement so far: 1. Livery editor. No real information so far, but i doubt it's gonna be anything interesting. If anything. 2. damage: If you're on about making damage models. You should considering totalling a car. I don't care for people who say "i don't plan on crashing"... it...
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    Fanmade GT5 Sound Previews

    One of my friend sent me the Youtube links thiking it was real, good job ;)
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    Single Line Syndrome

    Gran Turismo is, or has been, notorious for this in past installment of the franchise; let me explain; The fact that all racing cars form a single line and spend most if not all their time following one another almost dead on. Some people refer to it as train track or railing as well...
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    Calling all wheel users...

    I still use the DFP and its perfect. Go for it.
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    Starting line up

    Most of the online races on GT5p are grid starts right now. Well most of the experts anyways.
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    Android, iPhone and iPad GT5P time trial ranking monitor

    now do the same for the Iphone :)
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    New GT5 demo???

    well, I'm still disapointed in the damage demo they are showing. Aside from the fact that i'd love for cars to be completely wreackable and i don't much care about production cars because i want to race with modded racing cars (my own, or officials)... i'm still quite disapointed. Even if its...
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    Do you think the GT5 visuals will be better than FORZA 3's?

    give me a livery editor.... please....