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  1. Liquid

    The Political Cartoon/Image/Meme Thread

    The cycle never ends: "The billionaires and politicians got the real one."
  2. Liquid

    Words I Hate

    It's, like, completely lost, like, its actual, like, meaning. This thing, like, happens to a few words, like, every so often but, like, it usually, like, dies down after, like, a couple of years.
  3. Liquid

    America - The Official Thread

    The English-speaking intelligence community, UKAUSNZCANUS, has a funny nickname for inter-agency operations:
  4. Liquid

    How will you play Gran Turismo 7?

    Speed through career mode as quickly as I can so I can indulge myself in imitation GT1: "276hp" cars on 30 lap endurance races.
  5. Liquid

    Formula 1 F1 Caption Game 2021 - Netherlands results

    Related: - Mercedes asked for photoshops of Bottas' reaction and it didn't disappoint
  6. Liquid

    Formula 1 F1 Caption Game 2021 VOTING: Italy Open

    E - 1 F - 1 I - 1
  7. Liquid

    2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification

    Boy, that'll learn 'em.
  8. Liquid

    Formula 1 F1 Caption Game 2021 - Netherlands results

    I feel like the Alpine of this competition. Either on the pace or wayyyy off.
  9. Liquid

    The GTP Unofficial 2021 Canada Election Thread

    Is a coalition possible/likely?
  10. Liquid

    The GTP Unofficial 2021 Canada Election Thread

    I read that Trudeau's taken a hit in the polls and didn't do well in the French-language debates, dodging many questions.
  11. Liquid

    The Political Cartoon/Image/Meme Thread

    "Radical Left" CROOKED "Sleepy Joe" Biden didn't account for one thing. He failed to account for the plan to own the libs: Step one - Literally die
  12. Liquid

    Motorsport OMG / WTF moments - Racing Funnies, Fails, Crashes, And Randomness

    Love any variation on "old grids with the current theme music". My boy Rubinho qualified well as the first non-champion.
  13. Liquid

    Brexit - The UK leaves the EU

    Once again. easiest_deal_history.dll no_downside_consid.txt sunny_uplands.exe The problem is that no matter what the genuine downsides to Brexit are or have been, Covid will be used in perpetuity to brush off, downplay or outright misblame all of it.
  14. Liquid

    Formula 1 2021 Formula 1 Calendar thread

    Tooooooo manyyyyyyy raceeeeeeees.
  15. Liquid

    GTA VI: General Discussion

    Rockstar San Diego handled RDR and Rockstar North handled GTA. I believe the two still do the bulk of the work on their respective titles but collaberated quite closely on RDR2.
  16. Liquid

    The US War in Afghanistan

    Insanity. These people vote. These people breed. Pathetic.
  17. Liquid

    Describe tracks without naming them

    🤬ing 🤬. Open to interpreration.
  18. Liquid

    Britain - The Official Thread

    What a snowflake.
  19. Liquid

    Formula 1 2021 F1 Driver Thread

    Eddie Jordan might not have been everyone's cup of tea but he was wayyyyyyy above a random redditor or tweeter playing journalist.