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  1. Mubble

    The GT7 Wish list (Read OP)

    I remember these wish list threads from when GT5 and GT6 were coming out. The best wants from those threads included tyre pressure variations at different altitudes and adding tape to panel gaps to improve aerodynamics :lol:
  2. Mubble

    Have you seen this persons liveries, wow my jaw dropped.

    Aren't they simply existing images just dropped on to the car with no skill involved? Create those liveries pixel by pixel and I'll be impressed.
  3. Mubble

    GTSPORT sound & appreciation thread(review)

    The MR2 turbo in GTS sounds absolutely nothing like an MR2 turbo.
  4. Mubble

    The Realistic Pictures thread (READ OP)

    Nice shot, but that's artistic, as opposed to realistic.
  5. Mubble

    MR2 Setup

    The best I've got after an hour of tweaking is: With standard power and weight. Racing Hard Tyres Ride - 110mm 115mm Frequency - 2.05 2.05 Roll Bar - 7 8 Compression - 62 62 Rebound - 93 93 Camber - 0.5 1.1 Toe - Out 0.05 In 0.05 LSD Initial - 25 Acceleration - 30 Breaking - 28 Going to...
  6. Mubble

    New 1.13 Cars + Screenshots

    Toyota MR2 Turbo! 🙇 Yes!! I drive one myself, so I'm super happy about that!
  7. Mubble

    AI Pit-Lane Glitch

    Yeah, that I don't know. It was a 10 lap race with 5x fuel usage set. I had to pit for an additional 3 laps of fuel on lap 7, so I'd imagine the AI had to add some fuel too.
  8. Mubble

    AI Pit-Lane Glitch

    That's what I'm thinking. To be only 4 seconds behind the leader and not take the lead when they pit in front of you is messed up.
  9. Mubble

    AI Pit-Lane Glitch

    I was about 4 seconds behind as he entered the pit. Came out under a second behind. His whole pitstop from entering the pit lane to exiting took just over 8 seconds.
  10. Mubble

    AI Pit-Lane Glitch

    Not sure if this has been discused before, but something strange happened during a custom AI race earlier. I'm in 3rd place and P1 and P2 cars pit in front of me just as I pass the pit entrance. 'Great!' I'm thinking, 1st place here I come. Imagine my surprise as I reach the end of the straight...
  11. Mubble

    The Realistic Pictures thread (READ OP)

    Why are you talking about panel gaps?? :lol:
  12. Mubble

    The Realistic Pictures thread (READ OP)

    I think it looks a lot more realistic than a lot of overly processed photos in this thread. However, I think you've misunderstood the idea of a 'realistic' photo. It's not about panel gaps :lol:
  13. Mubble

    The Realistic Pictures thread (READ OP)

    Great shot. Wonderful cars 🙇
  14. Mubble

    Ability to turn the engine off/on

  15. Mubble

    Do you start races if not in pole position?

    What a boring way to play. I guess from this, you have no experience in overtaking cleanly. You'll never become a good driver with that approach I'm afraid. Slipstreaming and overtaking are some of the best bits of racing. Why would you choose to exclude them?
  16. Mubble

    Photographer's Block?

    Nothing wrong with that. I'm a professional photographer by trade and it's fairly common to not take any shots if nothing stands out. Or perhaps take the shot, review later on a PC monitor, then delete. Good to see somebody has a filter and a sense of what makes a good shot and doesn't just...
  17. Mubble

    The Realistic Pictures thread (READ OP)

    Cool photos, but too many arty effects to be labelled as 'realistic'.
  18. Mubble

    Bad Turismo Shots

    Yes, that's definitely bad.
  19. Mubble

    Grinding For Credits

    I'm with you. If these players could simply press a button and get the Platinum trophy, would they still do it? I'm guessing yes, but where's the sense of achievement? Everyone knows your got there by glitching so it's a worthless achievement.
  20. Mubble

    Was I right in defending this way?

    That's not the rule in racing though. As long as the opponent's front wheel isn't level with your wing mirror (which it wasn't in this situation), you're clear to shut the door on them providing it's a single change of direction.