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    X-port + new slim PS2

    Sorry, you'll have to email again. The address i had is deactivated now. I just changed it to my active one.
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    X-port + new slim PS2

    Thank you, they've promised to send me a disk. Email me your address and I'll send it to you.
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    X-port + new slim PS2

    Pretty simple, the new ps2 doesn't recognize my x-port cd. Any suggestions?
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    Engine Revving!

    What exactly is the problem with your car revving in every gear? Last time I checked, revolutions per minute were neccessary to the operation of an internal combustion engine. Perhaps if you clarified what your problem is we would be able to help you solve it.
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    180 mph in reverse... not good!

    Going to the in-game settings will fix your foward gear ratios. However, it doesn't fix your reverse, that you have to edit through the .ini file on your computer. Just clarifying a minor detail.
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    sharkport trouble

    My X-port did the same thing. The program installed but it didn't make any shortcuts on the system. You can go into your programs folder and find the actual program and make a shorcut from there. I don't know what the name of the folder for the skarport is but the X-port folder is labled Datel...
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    Best palce to test hybrids of any kind.

    Sorry bout that, I was kinda busy taking a **** on a picture of tony george.
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    Organizing Garage with MKS

    Click and drag works just fine with MK's program. Feel free to put your cars in any order.
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    Best palce to test hybrids of any kind.

    Laguna seca has the best variety of corners and elevation changes. It's a damn shame we don't use it for the USGP instead of Indiacrapolis Speedway.
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    Help me do this

    It's a very precise method of trial and error. The best tuners learn most from their own experiences. Just keep trying and you'll find out what works best for you.
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    Recipe on the CL666, Genome Project

    ADHD is a pathetic excuse for laziness. Learn to spell, NOW.
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    Recipe on the CL666, Genome Project

    If you have a problem being greedy then go see a shrink instead of posting your incessant mindless ramblings in here.
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    hybrid OLR

    Being a newbie to the world of hybridding, you might want to examine some of the already established guidelines set aside by others. Just because it's new to you, doesn't mean it hasn't been thought of before.
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    Recipe on the CL666, Genome Project

    First of all, you stated in your VERY LAST POST that you were 2 seconds faster. Now, you say you're 4 seconds faster, get your story straight. Second, you want the ini. for his car but you won't allow anyone else yours, I hope Famine DOESN'T post it just to piss you off.
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    having x-port issues

    The italian is on to something, i've heard you could use a router to get the same results as an x-port. Either way, hope you got the oval-box-thingy and you won't have to find alternative resources. Ciao!
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    Hks Altezza

    the HKS vehicles in gt2 were purpose built dragsters. i don't recall exactly what vehicles they were modeled after. r34 skyline and a nissan silvia, but don't take my word for it.
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    having x-port issues

    Let's hope so, I wouldn't be surprised if we made up a large part of their X-port sales.