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  1. potvinsuks

    rFactor 2 v982 32/64Bit

    @TPGRacing75 ,@Johnnn Well, you guys were spot on and called it saying that it would be on Sale sometime in June:cheers:. Unfortunately, it only looks like the base (RF2) game is on Sale (%60 off) but I won't be complaining :).
  2. potvinsuks

    rFactor 2 v982 32/64Bit

    I also noticed this while purchasing ACC yesterday as most of their DLC's were discounted for less then the game and their most recent DLC was discounted for far less then their earlier ones. Thanks for all of the information fellas 👍. It's incredibly frustrating to have spent all of that...
  3. potvinsuks

    rFactor 2 v982 32/64Bit

    Does anybody know at around what time of the year RF2 goes on Sale? I recently have made the switch from PS4 to PC and am looking to get all the big titles but want to try and keep the costs down as much as I can.
  4. potvinsuks

    Project CARS 3 Launches to Mixed Reviews

    Unfortunately, sometimes it's too easy to do a Driver Swap in pCARS 2. Like being in 3rd place with 10 laps to go in a 60 lap race and accidentely hitting Driver Swap while scrolling the ICM Menu. Next thing you know, you're pulling your hair out having to wait for Bob to do his turtle paced...
  5. potvinsuks

    Logitech Reveals G923 Wheel for PlayStation and Xbox

    Ummm, I don't know about that mate. I started my Sim Racing journey on a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel which was a very inexpensive ($50 USD) wheel that had some FFB on PC and, none on PS3. Then I was fortunate enough to have a new G-27 given to me by a friend that I used for...
  6. potvinsuks

    New Project CARS 3 Clip Confirms Laguna Seca Return, With New 2019 IndyCar

    I agree, complaining to add Pit Stops for pCARS 3 is a futile endeavour. You got to think that, building the game from the start without Pit Stops and proper Tyres are ingrained into the foundations of its coding. However, they also screwed over their future for pCARS 4 by naming this pCARS...
  7. potvinsuks

    Fanatec Clubsport v3 pedals

    Did you update the Driver/Firmware?
  8. potvinsuks

    F1 2020 Reveals More Details on Features: F2 Events, Custom UI, Classic F1 Cars

    Oh I think you misunderstood my post mate. I already, do map all of the buttons on my T300 and on my Keyboard via PS4. I'm dissapointed that I will have less to do in F1 2020, not more. I am super excited as well and can't wait to kick back on my recliner and finally watch FP1 tommorrow...
  9. potvinsuks

    F1 2020 Reveals More Details on Features: F2 Events, Custom UI, Classic F1 Cars

    The ability to customize our HUD's (like pCARS) is a pretty neat addition. The new Virtual Rear View Mirror should also help especially, for those who don't use the True Cockpit View ;). However, what really bothers me is this - "Codemasters has simplified the ERS system to make it a...
  10. potvinsuks

    Project CARS 3 Developer Blog Explains New Tire Physics, Confirms Pit Stops Are History

    ...You DO know that we still can play pCARS 2 right? Excuse me but I, and a great majority do consider pCARS 2 a bonafide Sim. Maybe, it is because we're able to adjust the Settings accordingly to fit the title of a true Sim.. Kind of the whole point of why so many including myself are outraged...
  11. potvinsuks

    Project CARS 3 Developer Blog Explains New Tire Physics, Confirms Pit Stops Are History

    I wouldn't insult GTS mate.. From what pCARS 3 sounds like right now, GTS is a NASA Flight Simulator in comparison..
  12. potvinsuks

    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    "So now you don’t need to spend hours in a practice session working out the tyre life of a set of tyres for one car in one condition, and you don’t need to do the maths on how many litres of fuel you need to finish the race, and you won’t be punished for picking the wrong strategy and so on."...
  13. potvinsuks

    Project CARS 3 Information Rundown: Revamped Career, New Cars, and More

    Well, you're correct if the issue is that the Tyres are turning blue prior to leaving Pit Lane but that's different. Most likely due to your Setup not loading properly. As you and any avid pCARS 2 user knows, you should ALWAYS load your setup at least twice prior leaving the Pits. I was...
  14. potvinsuks

    Project CARS 3 Information Rundown: Revamped Career, New Cars, and More

    This is perfectly normal in pCARS 2. Even if your Tyres are on simulated tyre warmers, you may lose the heat out of them pretty quickly if your Tyre Pressures aren't set an an optimal pressure. Also, the Season, Time of Day, and, Weather can affect that as well.
  15. potvinsuks

    Camels F1 2019 League

    My Onboard from Monaco.
  16. potvinsuks

    F1 2020 New Details: How "MyTeam" Works, Handling Model Updates, and More

    Well, it still might be optional in Career Mode.
  17. potvinsuks

    Lewis Hamilton Turns to Gran Turismo in Formula 1's Forced Shutdown

    In my opinion the Cars in F1 19 have far better Physics, Tyre Model and FFB over the Cars in GTS.
  18. potvinsuks

    IRS GT4 Championship Season 3 - Pro Champ - Timlour, Pro-Am Champ - Clean Racer

    Hey bud, hope you're doing well? That day at the GTS World Championships feels like it was an eternity ago considering all that has happened since :lol:. Shortly after that Event I had to move and that took a solid 4 - 5 month chunk out of my Sim Racing. Then, it was my busy season at work...
  19. potvinsuks

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    I wonder if this would be handy to conform CLUBSPORT Shifters and or the CLUBSPORT E-Brake to use on a T300 + DRIVEHUB + CS-V3's?
  20. potvinsuks

    PS4 PITS 2-[Project International Touring Series 2]

    Oh yeah they're still going on Bear. Vettels team won it last time around in Mexico City. They've also added the e-ROC which involve the Sim Racers and the finalists in that category (digital drivers) race the (analog drivers :lol:) for the finals. By the way, this just shown on Fanatec's...