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  1. BallPtPenTheif

    Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online to Launch on PlayStation 5/Xbox Series November 11

    It'll be interesting to see where they push things. It's weird how inherently anti-social GTA Online is, yet it still draws people in to continually play it. You'd think that expanding on social aspects would be ideal as it's the most expansive online environment going on right now, but they...
  2. BallPtPenTheif

    Gran Turismo 7 Revealed for PlayStation 5

    At this point each release is really just the most recent build of the game. It's racing. Cars, tracks... race people. So yeah, it's always been the same game.
  3. BallPtPenTheif

    Gran Turismo 7 Revealed for PlayStation 5

    It looks awesome and the level of foliage in Trial Mountain was impressive. I'm glad that solo players get their campaign mode back but I know people are going to complain about the lack of evolution in the campaign mode. Racing hasn't really evolved since the 1900's so I don't know what...
  4. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    After the first lap, the chicane at the end seems to be a good way to vet out bad drivers. If you blow that chicane you're practically dead in the water before that first late short left hander, which is practically the entire first half of the track.
  5. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I'm just not having fun with Race A this week. Those FF cars feel like seesaws with how exaggerated you have to plant the weight forward. Add to that, that most people seem incapable of sharing the course with other drivers. I kept having people on the last turn stop short of working to the...
  6. BallPtPenTheif

    What’s the one track or track section you just can never get right ?

    That one weird part at the end of Circuit de la Sarthe. Yeah, I'd probably be better at it if I didn't just know it as, "that one weird part at the end of Circuit de la Sarthe".
  7. BallPtPenTheif

    Gr.3 car control?

    Sure thing. With mid-engine cars, you actually do want a mid-weight slide out from the center of the car. It's not the same as a rear-engine car that actually whips out the rear but it's a lateral slide where both front tires and rear tires are sliding equally to the outside. The trick to...
  8. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    Awesome find, thanks for sharing it. It looks like the reason for the opposite direction is because the driver side camera angle is only available when entering the pit from the wrong way. So they filmed the whole race in the correct direction and then filmed the pit lane in the opposite...
  9. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I'm surprised they weren't able to snag kart tracks in with the other contract deals. Even Suzuka has a Kart track adjacent to the main track.
  10. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I'm still gradually grinding my SR. Finally reached back up to DRB/SRA by running Race B and not running side by side with people. It's a bummer because driving two wide is some of the funnest racing in the game but under this current penalty system, you just can't trust anyone. So, I would stay...
  11. BallPtPenTheif

    A small review of GT Sport after getting all cars

    I think the biggest problem with the game is that none of the game progression loops are satisfying or well thought out. Outside of your own personal goals and the license test, the game almost doesn't care what you decide to do with it. What is the reward progression for online racing...
  12. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I finally climbed back up to B/S and I had the whackiest race on race B. Constantly getting rammed off of the apex and into cars while I was threading my driving so damn close to everyone's bumper. I was putting crazy pressure on people perfectly timing my liftoff before the break zone to float...
  13. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    The Rally vehicles are a blast on Big Willow. You can just chew up the dirt on the corners without losing control which tactically widens the track in a weird way opening lots of crazy pass opportunities that aren't usually there. It makes for a fun custom race.
  14. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    Agreed. The one-make race should be a nuanced combination of a fun car on the right track creating a unique driving experience. Both the Supra last week and the corolla this week achieve that. It's also good to see lesser-used tracks in the rotation.
  15. BallPtPenTheif

    What if we returned to "truly" daily races? (Or, a very hypothetical idea.)

    Weekly is better. Everyone drives like trash for the first couple of days, if they changed the track every day the races would be a nightmare. For poseur drivers like me, we need a week of practice just to look like competent pro drivers by Thursday.
  16. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    Congrats. Besides just dumb luck you really have to dial in those switchback late apex passes to let those dive bombers hang themselves.
  17. BallPtPenTheif

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I totally ruined Race A for someone today. Started in 3rd, avoided trash driving on the first turn, and then on the way to the Turn 4 hairpin I was shoved to an inside line where I ended up overshooting the apex because my braking marker was all off. Ended up dive-bombing the 2nd place car and...
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    What a weirdo. Mind-blowing that people drive clean to bank their SR just so they can cash it out and drive like complete spazzes. What a complete waste of effort and time.
  19. BallPtPenTheif

    Get back on the track.... after crash or spin

    I wait until it's safe and reenter the track. My goal is to not ruin someone else's race while trying to save mine. Getting back on track as soon as possible runs the risk of causing a collision and ruining your race even more.
  20. BallPtPenTheif

    Tom Brooks, the 'Voice of GT Sport', Launches New YouTube Series

    Thanks for sharing Tom. I apologize if the question is a bit nosey, but how much of a bite does damage like that take out of your wallet? Great job at holding your composure, I probably would have lost my head after such a surprising incident.