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  1. HBR-Roadhog

    Your car wish list for Forza Motorsport 8?

    Forza has a pretty good car selection already but after seeing a lot of the old GT, LMP and open wheel racers in there I would like to see some of the old Nascar, for example a few from the 60s, 70s and maybe 80s and Transam cars in the mix. Also since apparently they want to include drag racing...
  2. HBR-Roadhog

    How car divisions in Forza Motorsport (Xbox Series X/S) should work

    While the system in 7 was far from perfect I did really like the fact that it allowed you to drive cars that normally could not be competitive on most tracks in a competitive manner in the D-X class system. A few could be competitive on a track or two if built right but with the new system in 7...
  3. HBR-Roadhog

    Aston Martin Unveils the $90,000 AMR-C01 Racing Simulator

    Looks very cool but $90k should be more like $10k
  4. HBR-Roadhog

    Time Trial mode?

    That is not even remotely close to the same thing. I looked through all of the rivals and did not see a single one on any of the tracks I wanted to drive on. IMO being able to take whatever car you want to whatever track you want and compete for top times is a feature that should be in all...
  5. HBR-Roadhog

    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    I noticed a few graphical issues on the PC, keep in mind I only ran a few tracks and more often than not was more consumed with trying to get the car to go straight than the graphics but I did notice shadows flickering a lot especially pronounced in the stands at daytona. I also saw some...
  6. HBR-Roadhog

    Sony Explores Bringing PlayStation Exclusives (like Gran Turismo) to PC

    I would love to see GT come to PC. I would gladly buy GT4 tomorrow if it was available for the PC as well as GT Sport and future titles
  7. HBR-Roadhog

    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    I think that is pretty much what I said wasn't it? Yes that is true but is not what I was talking about. I was talking about the award credits when you win a race. They seem to increase as you level up. Again it is hard to tell because there are sometimes bonus credits added in and almost...
  8. HBR-Roadhog

    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    Well I managed to spin every car I drove at least once ;) On Daytona if you get down on the apron in the corner it is very easy to loose it, even in a car that drives pretty well. The only other case I remember spinning it was in the rain in that first championship. I did not notice the wet...
  9. HBR-Roadhog

    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    As for farming XP from what little I did with it my impression was that shorter races were better than longer ones. For one thing you get extra XP for xnumber of wins on the track and xnumber of wins in the car. Where I was having the best results was running 5 laps on Daytona then after the...
  10. HBR-Roadhog

    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    Those credits and xp vary a lot, so many little awards that may be completed during a race that add additional xp and/or credits. It also seemed that the credits for a race were higher as your level increases. I was getting about 50% more per race at lv10 as I was at lv3 for the same race...
  11. HBR-Roadhog

    Need some help with custom events, i keep getting passed, even on the lowest diffuclulty?

    Yeah the drafting on daytona can be tough in some cars. I found that when using the stock GT-86 against a field of identical cars and starting last I could generally take the lead around the end of lap one on the hardest settings. If the GT-86 was upgraded and field set to same class then it...
  12. HBR-Roadhog

    PS4 Pro or Xbox One X? Please help

    In terms of graphics, I tried it on the PC. The cars looked pretty good and the track looked pretty good in race though I was a bit distracted by the bad handling. The stands look really poor lots of flickering and the still images while the race is loading look worse than I would expect on any...
  13. HBR-Roadhog

    Forza Motorsport 7: General Discussion

    Juts been playing around a bit with Forza the last few days and notice they never did fix the HP issues with the AI on the top difficulty settings. I had reported this early on and they said they would address it. It seems to only happen in some classes but where it does and on some tracks the...
  14. HBR-Roadhog

    Fanatec manual clutch question....

    I use a Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel with Club Sport pedals and no issues at. The clutch can be mapped to the A button and the Wheel has the optional auto clutch setting when on the shifter also presses the A button so you can run in game with manual clutch but use the paddles as though you were...
  15. HBR-Roadhog

    PS4 Pro or Xbox One X? Please help

    I definitely prefer the Xbox controllers for racing over the PS controllers.
  16. HBR-Roadhog

    Racing your own time in time trials.

    Have you tried setting ghosts to ON in the hud settings. I think that may do what you want and show your own ghost updating as you go. I think it will still show the rival ghost as well but not sure as I have not had that turned on in a very long time.
  17. HBR-Roadhog

    Is there anyway to make this game not feel awful on a wheel?

    I loaded the game back up on the Xbox after playing for a while on the PC. After paying closer attention it seems that the perceived button lag I mentioned may very well be that the xbox just loads the screens slower than the pc. If I give it time the buttons work fine. If I try to navigate...
  18. HBR-Roadhog

    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    Mojave kind of reminded me of a track created in the GT track editor.
  19. HBR-Roadhog

    Brand New to Xbox. Which edition do you recommend?

    I personally like 7 better than 6 but I would recommend both. I wouldn't bother with 5 though.
  20. HBR-Roadhog

    Forza Motorsport: Everything We Know So Far

    I just hope that Forza 8 keeps the car and track lists from 7 and expands on that a bit. There is lots to like about 7 and I hope they do not do away with those things. After playing Forza 4, 5 was a major let down let's not have a repeat of that with the next version/console.