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  1. spencer7x7

    Am I the only one ? who want low payout.

    The payouts are fine as is, if yall want lower payments, play offline w/o login bonus, or online only where the money is pretty hard to get.
  2. spencer7x7

    Gran Tursimo as its own system

    A PlayStation based GT rig might be a good idea for training purposes and possibly driving instruction, but it won't appeal as much with most players. Plus a "GT" system would be pretty expensive.
  3. spencer7x7

    Did Honda's marketing strategy work?

    I was thinking that, but I would have remembered a weird little car like the Fit on the street. Maybe it's just me, but who knows?
  4. spencer7x7

    Did Honda's marketing strategy work?

    Maybe it's just me, but I noticed that on the street (at least here in the USA) I see more Honda Fits on the road, does this have to do with the fact that it's the first car people get in GT6? Or do people just happen to buy it now. Also have any of you all bought a Fit(or Jazz or whatever)...
  5. spencer7x7

    GTP Cool Wall: 1967-1968 Ford GT40 Mk. III

    It's a good looking car but there's no powerful reason for me to vote SZ, so I'll go with cool. It's weird because I usually dislike older cars, but a Murican icon deserves cool.
  6. spencer7x7

    GTP Cool Wall: 2005-2010 Chrysler 300

    A wannabe luxury vehicle "imported from Detroit". Uncool for me.
  7. spencer7x7

    Notification of Maintenance 19/08/2014, 20/08/2014

    I said it once before, this thread reminds me of MapleStory updates, but at least THAT is free to play.
  8. spencer7x7

    Notification of Maintenance 19/08/2014, 20/08/2014

    Does there have to be a thread with crazies every time there's maintenance? I personally hope for no update, don't have internet on my PS3.
  9. spencer7x7

    What car are you saving your credits for?

    Since I have no online I'l have to save money for future VGTs.
  10. spencer7x7

    GTP Cool Wall: 1953-1956 Porsche 550

    It means I can't drive this car ever, reality or videogame.
  11. spencer7x7

    GTP Cool Wall: 1987 Ruf CTR Yellowbird

    Cool cause of GT and it's not a Porsche.
  12. spencer7x7

    GTP Cool Wall: 1953-1956 Porsche 550

    I know I might be flamed for this, but I voted uncool. It's an alright looking car, but I don't like Porsches in general since greedy EA has the licence to them, the looks are the one thing from me voting SU.
  13. spencer7x7

    Soundtracks from previous GTs as DLC.

    It's all it the first post, PD obviously does not have the rights to songs like Dragula or others, but it's safe to say that they can easily licence at least every Daiki Kasho song, which is why the song DLC should be paid just like Dead or Alive's song DLC. As for using the user BGM, I've...
  14. spencer7x7

    What is better alternative console game than GT6?

    Grid is alright as a racing alternative, but it lacks the stuff that makes GT GT like buying and upgrading cars.
  15. spencer7x7

    Dead end.

    Are you using a Max PP car? Right tires? SFR on?
  16. spencer7x7

    What is better alternative console game than GT6?

    There's no true alternative to GT6 on PS, on Xbox maybe Forza but I can't comment on it since I've never tried it.
  17. spencer7x7

    Do you think chase cam is for noobs?

    I personally use chase most of the time, cockpit on some online lobbies, and bumper/hood when doing time trials and license tests.
  18. spencer7x7

    If you could take over Kaz's job, what would you do with GT7?

    I would personally make my dream racing game. I don't have the time for details because typing on a phone is a pain, but it would be awesome.
  19. spencer7x7


    The Vision GT cars are alright but most of them don't impress me because of the lack of interiors.
  20. spencer7x7

    GTP Cool Wall: 1979-1981 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

    So much head lights, so uncool. Plus so much square.