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  1. TorqueHappenS08

    Porsche Teases Mystery Car in Gran Turismo 7 Trailer

    It’s the 2023 Porsche LMDH, they’re outright teasing it. Light positioning is a dead giveaway, plus how low the light is to the ground and overal shape.
  2. TorqueHappenS08

    Gran Turismo 7 Master Car List

    Whatever happen to the 2017 sema winning wide body eg civic?
  3. TorqueHappenS08

    Gran Turismo 7 Master Car List

    Late reply but I found those images on a pretty active Gran Turismo Facebook group. the mpv did indeed turn out to be a photo taken by its owner, with an added GR logo. the Fiat coupe’ seems to be real, after further investigation and some deleted posts
  4. TorqueHappenS08

    Gran Turismo 7 Master Car List

    Well this is interesting, found on gran Turismo Facebook group, Fiat coupe’ confirmed for GT7? and a Toyota Avanza in super realistic photomode(scape?) note (GR) logo. Incredible lighting/ray tracing showcased in scapes on PS5? At the moment nothing but rumors but looks promising.
  5. TorqueHappenS08

    The GTP Unofficial 2020 US Elections Thread

    Biden is leading officially by 10 points.
  6. TorqueHappenS08

    Shelby Super Car's (SSC) Tuatara

    How fast it pulled pass 320 mph to 330 blows my mind, easily can hit 350. With prime conditions and the space to achieve it. Merica!!
  7. TorqueHappenS08

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    nice haul bro, especially that 350R and yeah, it’s getting pretty damn nuts now.
  8. TorqueHappenS08

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    Merry Christmas to me, super rare kyoshos, ebbros, premium x and hi-story 1:43 galore. love bulk buys.
  9. TorqueHappenS08

    I used google maps and custom buildings to make Tokyo on SimCity4

    this took a long time, mainly making the buildings I needed,
  10. TorqueHappenS08

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    I feel offended lol!
  11. TorqueHappenS08

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    Ferrari post. Been trying to track down a Red/Tan (1:18) HW Elite 360 for years, and finally found one! And these1:43 Resin Ferrari’s are insanely cool and insanely detailed.
  12. TorqueHappenS08

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    See this is the best part of when your collection gets passed the cars you sought after, now you start adding the odd things.
  13. TorqueHappenS08

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    Some recent 1:43 pickups, I have completely ran out of room for anymore 1:18, so I’ll be sticking to 1:43’s for awhile. (2nd fav scale) gotta stop spending so much at one time... but I always buy in bulk. 8 models ain’t bad, when I usually buy 20-30 at one time lol.
  14. TorqueHappenS08

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    why are these not popping up on my search???
  15. TorqueHappenS08

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    A word warning for those getting into collecting rare and hard to find 1:43 JDM cars(J-Tin)...thanks to real world boost In 80’s to 90’s Japanese vehicles, that same hype and value trickles down to the models...I want a civic eg for my Honda collection, but I’m skeptical of dropping nearly 500$...
  16. TorqueHappenS08

    EA Gives the Need for Speed Franchise Back to Criterion Games

    Man just when NFS got the formula right with heat......smhhhhhhhh
  17. TorqueHappenS08

    Real Racing 3 BMW Update Adds M2 Competition, M5 and M4 GT4

    Just shows how great rr3s graphics are.
  18. TorqueHappenS08

    Toyota Returns to the Forza Horizon Series Next Month

  19. TorqueHappenS08

    Update Next Week - October 31

    it also has the same deep dish wheels as the race car, so pretty much confirmed, I’m surprised no one picked up on the deep barrel racing style wheels.
  20. TorqueHappenS08

    Bugatti Veyron Successor: Chiron

    Ughhhhh that long tail Chiron....omg I am in love!!! Congratulations to Bugatti!!!