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  1. Cosbuster

    Gran Turismo just teased Spa, Maybe?

    I don't care about Spa, just give us Spa already.
  2. Cosbuster

    DiRT Rally 2.0, F1 2018 and More 50% Off in PlayStation Double Discounts Sale

    Doesn't seem to be up in Europe, unless the stores update at different times, which I don't know.
  3. Cosbuster

    Driveclub (including VR, Bikes, & DLC) will be delisted on 8/31/2019. Game servers will shut down.

    I could understand closing the servers when the PS5 is out for a while, but it's unacceptable for first party games released this generation. Asking money to play online and then shutting the servers, what a joke
  4. Cosbuster

    7 More Cars Added to GT Sport's PSN Store as Sony Lifts the Price Cap

    It's interesting how they tried to avoid controversy when the "feature" was first introduced. Now that things have quited down let's make it 10 and soon it'll be 20m, as originally intented. I would have been fine with it if the economy wasn't broken, but I'm not sure I can keep turning left for...
  5. Cosbuster

    Next GT Sport Content Update Arrives March 5, Adds Toyota GR Supra

    I won't moan, but it might be an indication the releases are catching up with the content they can output. If I had to guess, I'd say they had a safety net of ready to go stuff and it's starting to run out. I suppose they also have to keep some stuff for whenever the next game releases. Well...
  6. Cosbuster

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Hands-On Preview: Magical Stage Design, Tarmac Physics Need Work

    I always thought Dirt Rally 1.0 was a great platform to build on and make it brilliant eventually, with its biggest problem being lack of tracks and cars (to a much lesser extend). I have no idea why they have to scrap the previous game's content every time and start again only to end up with...
  7. Cosbuster

    Update 1.32 (January Update) Now Available - 8 Cars and SS Route X

    Interesting. I tried with a N200, N400, Veyron and one make with a P1, pretty much the same result with all. I was barely losing 1-2 kph on the corners while the AI was suddenly shooting past me even when there was no car to slipstream from. How can a corner increase their speed like that? With...
  8. Cosbuster

    Update 1.32 (January Update) Now Available - 8 Cars and SS Route X

    AI seems to be broken on route X, suddenly increasing their top speeds while cornering by 20% without any slipstreaming involved, always having a rabbit you can never catch up to regardless of its car etc. Good to see the new track was tested thoroughly.
  9. Cosbuster

    Gran Turismo Sport 1.31 Update Now Available: 7 New Cars, New Tokyo Track and More

    So, I just drove the corvette and the entire screen goes red from cockpit view (in sunlight conditions) like my eyes are bloodshot. Is it just me? Seems way overdone as an effect. I also noticed that dashboard reflection are a bit too much, to the point I can barely see anything in front...
  10. Cosbuster

    Gran Turismo Sport Wins the 2018 TIGA Award for Best Audio Design

    That was... An interesting choice.
  11. Cosbuster

    Kazunori Yamauchi Monaco Interview: The Role AI Plays in GT Sport's BOP and Penalty Systems

    You'd think this would be a pretty good reason on its own to improve the horrendous AI...
  12. Cosbuster

    Update 1.31 speculation thread - coming December 5th

    It should also be noted that 3 of the 7 are completely new to the series (and highly requested) which is also very impressive.
  13. Cosbuster

    Ford Reveals New, Lighter Ford GT Carbon Series, Available to Order Now

    Can I order one for Gt sport?
  14. Cosbuster

    What Makes the Porsche 996 911 GT3 Special?

    Oh boy, I really miss those days when 400 horses was supercar territory and it was still amazingly fast (even by today's standards) and drivable without too much (if any) digital interference. I do enjoy modern super-hyper cars and they are great in their own way, but there's just something...
  15. Cosbuster

    Ride 3 Delayed to November 30, But Full 230+ Bike List Almost Makes Up For It

    Were the physics/sound any good in the previous games? For whatever reason the series has flew well below my radar until now. Unfortunately, Milestone doesn't really inspire confidence from past experiences.
  16. Cosbuster

    A new game update is coming 7/8/2018

    How about adding a TV cam for the W08? Yeah, one can dream.
  17. Cosbuster

    found this curious video of keiichi tsuchiya on gts

    I always had trouble correcting oversteer with a wheel in recent GT games. I don't have a PS4 compatible wheel for Sport, but it's good to see nothing has changed and even actual drifters can't wrap their heads around the physics.
  18. Cosbuster

    On Days Like These You Need This 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S

    I mean, the topic literally starts with "The latest update for GT sport" so it did seem at least related to the game, but sure.
  19. Cosbuster

    On Days Like These You Need This 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S

    If only it was cheaper in-game. Just the thought of farming for 15mil makes me not want to start the game up. And the chances of getting it as an in-game reward? Let's not even go there...
  20. Cosbuster

    Honda Gives the Pick-Up Treatment to the New Civic Type R

    Nothing can make it look "pretty good" other than make-up. Applied directly to your eyeballs.