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  1. 1241Penguin

    Subaru Viziv Performance Concept - Now the 2022 Subaru WRX

    That plastic cladding is horrible.
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021

    I think Bottas needs to get out of Merc as soon as he can for his own sake at this point. I don't think I've ever seen a person so seemingly broken on the field, I have no doubts that the pressure of potentially losing the championship plus the apparently lack of support from his team is...
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco 2021

    That was my first time watching a Monaco GP in full and god it was awful. And I thought the Abu Dhabi GP was bad. Obligatory bad luck for Bottas, and this must've been one of the worst cases for him yet. I feel the need to burn a goat or say a prayer for him.
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 Pirelli Gran Premio Del Made In Italy E Dell'emilia Romagna 2021

    Russell acted like a proper **** after the crash and then post-race as well. Shame. I was surprised to see so many drivers make mistakes this race, though Max held it for the whole thing and got himself a well deserved victory.
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2021

    They certainly have an egghead sitting in one of their cars right now.
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    Formula 1 2020-21 Formula 1 Off-season thread

    I wonder if this has something to do with that.
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    I'm genuinely curious about something. As a descendent of HK immigrants who are now in Canada, my family keeps a close eye on Hong Kong and Chinese news. News regarding things like the treatment of Uyghurs, the Chinese government cover-up of the coronavirus, CCP crackdown of dissidents, and so...
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    The Pen Collecting Thread

    I love using the Paper Mate ComfortMate Ultra 1.0M pen. It's been my go-to since my university days and I have never used something that was so smooth and glides around the paper like a skate on ice. Do mechanical pencils count? Because I would like to add the Pilot Dr. Grip 0.5. It has a...
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    What opinion have I been criticizing? A good amount of the posts highlighted in the link I sent are straight up emotional outbursts. That is what I am so baffled by. Why is there such an emotional response to his drive? Since you don't seem to have taken a look, let me give you a hand...
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    :lol: Me, stuck up and ignorant, because I like to make comments that aren't based on emotion. I criticize when it's deserved, and I praise when it's deserved. You on the other hand... Oh my :eek:. That's a lot of steam you needed to blow off there. You sure you're not looking into a mirror...
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    Few doubt the claim that he isn't a top driver. That is a fairly well-supported claim to make. The issue is when people treat him as the anti-Christ and spew unwarranted insults at the guy. But that is the internet I suppose, where everyone is allowed to feel superior behind the safety of their...
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    I don't think Bottas is even pretending to believe that he has a chance for the title, I think he sincerely wants to try his hardest to beat Hamilton, which, of course, is no easy task. For him to begin every season with the renewed belief that he can do it is genuinely admirable. He has...
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    Cool, but what is Bottas, the individual, supposed to do?
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    And? Is he supposed to throw in the towel and retire?
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    I also suspect the hate for Bottas stems from the fact that Hamilton has remained fairly unchallenged for the past two seasons, and makes the sport seem boring to many. With Bottas being the closest possible rival to Hamilton, he receives a lot of the misdirected hate as his lack of...
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    Imagine getting worked up over someone having a little bit of optimism for himself lmao
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    Regardless of whether he is a brilliant driver or a garbage driver, I cannot wrap my head around why there is a genuine hatred of Bottas. He seems like a nice guy who isn't doing so hot in his seat this year, yet people act as if that's reason to be malicious against him. I'm genuinely baffled...
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    Gosh, did he personally insult you or something?
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    POLL: When Did You Start Watching Formula One?

    I did! My girlfriend was into it before I was and since this year was a bit boring, I decided to take a dive into it. With that said, I did go into it with some prior knowledge of the sport, but nothing beyond a casual observer.