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    A federal appeals court is considering the fate of a law in Missouri. The state has only one abortion provider and its 8 week ban was rejected in 2019.
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    Dumb Questions Thread

    Hmmm so there must be instances where drivers gain/lose time relative to others. I wonder if this is ever significant in races.
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    The Middle East

    An interview with Dr Anat Berko who has had one on one talks with numerous Palestinian terrorists.
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    Transgender Thread.

    Searched but couldn't find anything: Paper finds that trans inclusive bathroom policies are associated with less instances of sexual assault against trans youths. An earlier one found that cis gendered individuals are not at increased risk under these policies.
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    Formula 1 F1 Caption Game 2021 VOTING: Italy Open

    E - 2 I - 1
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    Consciousness News and Discussion

    Good vid, but I wonder how his final point would translate into actual studies into consciousness. ---- GTPlaneters - do you have an inner voice?
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    2021 NFL Season

    Whatever it is, it's too long. This is Danny Dimes' 3rd year so there's nowhere to hide now. Although the O line played better in the second game, it's still a concern despite the higher ups saying it was a priority to fix it for the past few years.
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    Cursed Political Content (formerly Cursed Social Media)

    I turned agnostic for a good few years after being brought up Methodist because of the skepticism you get at that stage of life and then went through a period where my beliefs aligned more with the Baháʼí faith. I only turned back to Christianity after a significant life event and to be honest...
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    Depression and Anxiety Thread

    Medicine for mental health issues can have that effect I'm afraid. Do you have a diagnosis from a healthcare provider? (You don't have to share what it is of course)
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    Cursed Political Content (formerly Cursed Social Media)

    Ok I'm a Christian but this pic is just embarrassing.
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    Interesting op-ed
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    If there was a "heartbeat" it could be, as that is just before the usual period it would be detected but may be possible (see below). If you look at the quoted text below from this fact check, it will hopefully make sense: Textbooks and scientific papers don’t always give the same exact dates...
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    I think you're confusing embryonic age with gestational age - the latter of which is commonly used when talking about pregnancy. Re-read Famine's post, and read this and see if you are less confused.
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    Britain - The Official Thread

    Ealing council finally seeing sense with some of those LTNs
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    Depression and Anxiety Thread

    Just saw this. Has it got better in the weeks since you posted?
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    What are you Eating/Drinking?

    Svyturys Gintarinis (Lithuanian beer apparently)
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    Dumb Questions Thread

    How do you know how much to slow down under yellow flags?
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    Describe tracks without naming them

    Trial Mountain of course.
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    Cursed Political Content (formerly Cursed Social Media)

    Antipsychotics? Cos it seems like a lot of the US population is suffering from some sort of delusion.
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    I'm afraid I don't understand your point. It's looking for a stage of embryonic development which would (usually) be around day 22 using your example (3 weeks after the rape) EDITED to change the dates