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  1. Norman Self

    MotoGP 19 announced - Due June 6th

    MotoGP 19 might be the only way to experience MotoE this year
  2. Norman Self

    Gran Turismo Sport's Next Online Championship Begins January 30

    After several months away from GTSport i think this should be the reason to come back. The preparation starts now. Hope to race some of you peeps soon.
  3. Norman Self

    F1 2017 Game General Discussion

    Extremely late to this party, but at £10.99 (PS store discount) you really can't go wrong. Last F1 game I bought was '15. Really enjoyed it even though it was very bare bones, but this iteration (and '18 for that matter) are incredible leaps forward. Played the '17 trial first, the opening...
  4. Norman Self

    SVG request thread (Please read 1st post)

    Thank you kindly :-)
  5. Norman Self

    SVG request thread (Please read 1st post)

    Friendly request. Could someone create an SVG of my name please? normanself All in lower case, all one word. Font etc can be whatever, I'll just be greatly that I won't have to rewrite it on each new surface and livery. Thank you kindly in advance :-)
  6. Norman Self

    Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Shows the McLaren Senna in Action

    Well that's certainly disappointing :-( Saves me a couple of hundred £
  7. Norman Self

    Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Shows the McLaren Senna in Action

    No, but I do hope that Wales in included in the map, being a welshman.... I hope those dirt bikes are a sign that they'll be popping motorcycles in the game too. Ducati, Kawasaki etc. This game is certainly looking like a compelling reason for picking up an Xbox as a secondary console. Where's...
  8. Norman Self

    Considering getting Gran Turismo Sport. Now on sale at Playstations Days of Play for £16/$20.

    I'm tempted to pick up this nicely discounted digital GT Sport, it means I can keep my disk in the sreelbook nice and safe and not have to put the disk in anymore. This has happened with quite a few titles recently actually. Thank the lord for a 4TB external HDD.
  9. Norman Self

    The Crew 2 Closed Beta Begins Today

    No code as of yet. Sorry Ubisoft, no beta, no sale......
  10. Norman Self

    GT Sport's Next Content Update is On Its Way

    Yay another track. Not just any old track, it's Le Mans! Is it Race C today too? Excellent.
  11. Norman Self

    Gran Turismo Sport FIA Series Season One Start Bumped Back to Mid-June

    Could be worse, we waited a year and a half for heists in GTA Online. And that really was a headline feature. I can wait a little longer for the proper FIA championships, that I'll never win anyway.
  12. Norman Self

    Honda Gives the Pick-Up Treatment to the New Civic Type R

    So when can we expect to see this in GTSport?
  13. Norman Self

    Favorite gr.4 and gr.3 cars

    GR4 Atenza, was one of the first cars gifted in the daily car lottery and only GR4 I had at the time. Stuck with it. Beautiful machine GR3 Beetle, again I think it was one of the first GR3 daily cars, or the GR3 Atenza.. .. Made a nice livery for the Nissan GR3 but struggle to perform* with it...
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  15. Norman Self

    Does anyone miss Tsukuba?!?!?!?

    What a beautiful trailer! Do we know if we're getting both variants of the track?
  16. Norman Self

    That Winning Feeling

    Involuntary fist punch and quick run around the living room on each of my 4 victories so far. I seem to place mid pack in the majority of my races, so actually running up front or even winning is a rare blessing.
  17. Norman Self

    edit saved replays

    +1 for SHAREfactory Considering it's on a games console, it's a brilliant thing
  18. Norman Self

    [SURVEY] - What's your favorite original circuits GT franchise and you want in GTS? (Five choices)

    Trial Mountain Grand Valley Deep Forest El Capitan Midfield Raceway El Capitan is probably my favourite GT track to be honest. Have done an enormous amount of laps at this circuit, mainly in Tourist Trophy though. Great circuit
  19. Norman Self

    Is anyone else getting worse?

    I've definitely been getting worse. Haven't even turned GTSport on for a few weeks after rage quitting a horrendous GR.3 race at big willow which dropped me into DR-C from a stagnant DR-B.... I'll get the racing mojo back soon I hope