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  1. jubeiiiii246

    24-Hour Endurance Race

    Just wait till GT7 last time we had a Great career mode was GT5.
  2. jubeiiiii246

    Your daily workout gift

    I've won the ****ing camaro '16 like 5 times in a row
  3. jubeiiiii246

    GT Sport Memes

  4. jubeiiiii246

    About the future of Gran Turismo

    Well GT2 is his favorite GT2 other than 4, in the end we all want a GT2 remaster, then again OP for the thread said they ran into licence issues so Don't think it's quite possible just a wet dream for now.
  5. jubeiiiii246

    2017 GT Award-Winning Honda Civic Scanned for Gran Turismo 'Upcoming Release'

    Time ro paint it red with black rims #shingotime
  6. jubeiiiii246

    About the future of Gran Turismo

    Hold up Gran Turismo 2 Remaster? Call in @HSG
  7. jubeiiiii246

    Has Gran Turismo affected your music taste?

    First time playing GT6 I heard "FAP IN THE MORNINGGGGGGGG"
  8. jubeiiiii246

    GT Sport Memes

    I lile how the title is straight to the point "GT Sport Memes "
  9. jubeiiiii246

    How could a circuit generator work?

    I was actually thinking about this yesterday but I'm sure it's coming to GT7, hopefully the track path editor is much more versatile and we have more diverse locations, not just country sides and deserts although I did enjoy Eifel, death valley and Valencia Spain but we need off-road locations...
  10. jubeiiiii246

    C1 Loop Line

    Guess you got your wishes GT Sport has Tokyo Expressway
  11. jubeiiiii246

    Autopolis Circuit

    Thread should be closed already
  12. jubeiiiii246

    Driving Park: Route X

    GT sport still has the DRPX still wondering why there isn't a second layout for it becuase the PS4 is a stronger console and can take the size of SSRX
  13. jubeiiiii246

    Complex String

    Hopfully whether GT7 or Spirt gets a track path editor thats more versatile to play with
  14. jubeiiiii246

    Special Stage Route 11

    We nees this to come back although I sure feel that PD thinks Tokyo Expressway has replaced it.
  15. jubeiiiii246

    Lamborghini Espada S3 1972

    I love using this meme but the car is coming xD
  16. jubeiiiii246

    Done (GT Sport) Nissan 180SX Type X [Premium] 1996

    Def need this be added, if the S13 and S15 are most likely coming to GT Sport
  17. jubeiiiii246

    Porsche 540 Roadster 1952

    Yes I'd prefer this over the other Porsche roadster in the game.
  18. jubeiiiii246

    Toyota MR2 1600 G-Limited SC 1986

    We already have it's younger brother and its cousin just joined the party 2 weeks ago. AW11 MR2 was in GT6 (as a standard) Need this to finish off the MR2 collection Specs: Engine: 1.6 L I4 16V DOHC Supercharged 4A-GZE Power & Torque: 145 BHP & 140 lb.ft of Torque Weight: 1,130 Kilos...
  19. jubeiiiii246

    Mazda RX-7 (FB) GSL-SE 1985

    Aka the RX7 everyone forgot about. This RX7 holds a special place in my heart as it was the car that got me into cars in general and made me a Rotor head. My father himself owned two of these for 24 years. I grew up playing GT3 and 4 seeing that they had the FC and FD but the FB was nowhere to...
  20. jubeiiiii246

    Tokyo Expressway S. Loop Pit area discussion

    I've noticed that the Pit Area of the South loop variants of Tokyo Expressway is a PA. I think it would be cool in the next major update for PD to (in free run mode only) to let players free roam that area to have car meets, car shows, and would be a perfect spot to take photos. That's my...