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  1. Jeanr

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    Well, that depends in the car. I will try start with M/H and change to S/S around lap 9. Renault is really kind on tires, but since it lacks power I usually don't save fuel. I guess it happens because of the braking point and entrance corner speed are better with M in the front.
  2. Jeanr

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    Yes, I just had the confirmation: I've watched the replay of the Tokyo Gr.4 Manufacturers race, where I've started with RH in the front and RM in the back. Another player started the other way, RM in the front and RH in the back. We both changed to RM/RM in the pits, and none of us got the 20s...
  3. Jeanr

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    cool, tnx!
  4. Jeanr

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    Hi, guys! A doubt: on the next FIA Manufacters race (Red Bull Ring), there is mandatory use for the 3 types of tires (soft, medium and hard). If I start the race with medium on the front and hard in the back, and change to soft mid race, will the game accept it as all tires use during race?
  5. Jeanr

    GT Sport Update 1.22 Discussion Thread

    Guys, it says nowhere it is a new circuit. It could be a new location for pictures. Think about it... :scared:
  6. Jeanr

    Formula1 inspired liveries

    A little tribute to Roland Ratzemberger.
  7. Jeanr

    Formula1 inspired liveries

    Hi guys! This is a replica of the 1987 Arrows A10, driven by Derek Warwick.
  8. Jeanr

    POLL: How old are the GT sport players ?

    It has been done a thread for this already.
  9. Jeanr

    Gran Turismo Sport Livery Thread and Discussion! (Read Original Post!)

    Beautiful livery, man! But, Mopar is a Chrysler brand. ;)
  10. Jeanr

    GT Sport - Trailers, Videos and Screenshots

    True. But, too bad it isn't...
  11. Jeanr

    Auto-pulling back on track needs to go!

    Its actually a great idea to avoid people exploring the pitlane glitch.
  12. Jeanr

    Polyphony Digital Takes Action Against "Misbehaving" Gran Turismo Sport Players

    "It is strictly prohibited to act by improperly modifying game data, misbehaving using malfunctions in the game, or causing inconvenience to other users" If they are banning players based on these 3 principles, not only people modifying the game and exploring some bug in the game can be...
  13. Jeanr

    Track Limit Abuse by most Top 10 Drivers

    In real life, any driver will explore the track limits to gain time, until the limits on the rules. If the rules allow to drive like that, it's not wrong. But I agree the rule should not be two wheels on the track limit is ok. I guess than more than half of the car outside the track limit is off.
  14. Jeanr

    GT Sport - Trailers, Videos and Screenshots

    I still have not my game yet so, sorry for the question: in the Honda video there a few cars with custom livery, and others not. They have a game generated livery or they get it on your library of liverys? Since your playing the solo mode, right?
  15. Jeanr

    Gran Turismo Sport Livery Thread and Discussion! (Read Original Post!)

    The Diac logo needs a bold font, but it looks amazing!!!
  16. Jeanr

    Formula1 inspired liveries

    That looks much better on the 4C than on the F1!
  17. Jeanr

    How young where you.

    Started on the 1st GT, in 1998. I was 17 yo. Have played them all since them! And my father also started to play GT at that time. He was 48 yo! And, have played until GT4. But, since my brother and I have left home, get married (not to each other, of course...) and stuff, he has stoped playing...
  18. Jeanr

    Porsche Celebrates Its Racing Heritage With Five Custom Macan SUV's

    Now, that's boring... I guess they are just try to remember that Macan is actually a Porsche.
  19. Jeanr

    Deliberate offending by Japanese drivers in the Daily races.

    Could it be shown, with a replay video? Did you manage to save one? It would be interesting to see this happening.
  20. Jeanr

    GT Sport Mileage Exchange Updated: More New Wheels and Paints

    Dammit! Got to get my copy of GT Sport ASAP! Anyway, I guess this is another strategy PD has to keep us playing and coming back to the game. Kinda keeps it fresh.