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    please fill out this questionnaire

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    Best Name for Website

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    Gran Turismo 4 Prius Trial Version leak`not as good as nfo claimed

    I did expect more than one track because there are pictures which show only the prius on tracks like Citta Di Aria so I expected those to be in the game. The Prius edition is ok for the first couple of races then it does get boring.
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    Official GT4 Prologue SCEJ Page UP!!!

    Thats the japanese release date for GT4 Prologue
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    Bad News......

    Look at the bold paragraph in this thread
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    The IGN Insider movies...

    The IGN ones are the 12 .Mov files. The .Mpg are from Gamespot Complete I think.
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    Here is the pamphlet from the TMS and a little bit of info regarding the release date

    Taken from IGN who have taken it from Famitsu Magazine. Gran Turismo 4 (SCE, PS2): The magazine's latest GT4 preview covers three games: GT4, GT4: Prologue and GT4: Tokyo Motor Show Version. In addition to detailing a few of the cars, including compact cars, Domestic cars, Foreign cars and...
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    6 new GT4 car pictures (WARNING 56K'ers)

    There are no more pictures of it like that but i'm not sure if there are any others because there is just over 450 pictures on the site now and I can't remember whats on every one of them.
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    Here is the video from IGN insider with the 3d crowds

    Please don't post this link over loads of message boards or websites. Instead use the link Format: .mov (Quicktime) Length: 21 seconds Size: 3.51MB If you like this and want more then keep an eye out on my site over the next...
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    14 New pictures from the car selection screen

    No, the only other thing I have of the car selection screen is the video all these pictures were taken from. That will be on the site soon for those who want to see it.
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    14 New pictures from the car selection screen

    These were taken from a video which I will be uploading to my site sometime soon.
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    6 new GT4 car pictures (WARNING 56K'ers)

    Should be sorted now
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    6 new GT4 car pictures (WARNING 56K'ers)

    You can find another 41 of these at GTAdvance but you will have to register. If you want to see them and more then it is worth registering.
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    Post all GT4 Pics Here!!

    F1man, picture isn't working. E-mail me the pics you want to post and i'll upload them to my host.
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    Subaru edition GT Concept in japan

    Here are the videos for those who want them. Right click and 'Save target as'
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    Subaru edition GT Concept in japan

    E-mail me at then i'll set you up an ftp account so you can upload it and Super-Supra I don't know how big the file is but I doubt if it would fit in a hotmail account.
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    Post all GT4 Pics Here!!

    F1man, I see you have downloaded some movies from my website, try and get them on to cd or something cos i'm sure the word will get to ign that i'm hosting their insider videos and they will tell me to take them down.
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    GT4 Mag Scans

    I've just flicked through these scans and they are awesome.
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    Types of cars in Gt 4

    How are we supposed to see pictures from your hard drive? Upload the picture to a webhost.