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  1. f40

    Safety Cars

    GT7 needs decent race lengths (like 20-60 minutes +).
  2. f40

    (POLL) Skid Recovery Force, do you think that it is necessary for the GT series?

    Just rid of it. New players who struggle with car handling have Traction Control, ASM and Active Steering to help them. Once they are comfortable and want to go faster, they can turn those off.
  3. f40

    Cars from old GTs you'd like to return to GT6?

    Ferrari F10, Ferrari F2007, Mclaren MP4-4 (the real F688/S, to match the racing suit already in the game).
  4. f40

    GT6 Course List

    Nice list, though there are 4 Brands Hatches, and only 2 Daytonas & 2 Fujis. This should be a sticky.
  5. f40

    Future of F1?

    Race it against the X2014!
  6. f40

    1 lap magic kind of races

    Catching up AI who have headstarts? That is GT6's single player.
  7. f40

    500 Cars Garage limit

    Annoying. GT5 made it hard to buy most cars (used car lottery), but had no garage limit. GT6 made it easy to buy any car, yet you can't store them all at once.
  8. f40

    What car or make is the most blatantly ignored thing in GT6/Franchise?

    It seems you actually didn't know despite it being right there in the dealership menu :odd:
  9. f40

    Do you think GT Academy is fixed?

    Surely it's natural that the best people at a "real driving simulator" will be "real drivers".
  10. f40

    Spec 2.0 Thoughts and Speculation

    Just put shuffle racing & the promised update features in it already...
  11. f40

    Redundant Japanese Cars

    Wants less Japanese cars... wants another Toyota.
  12. f40

    Shuffle Races

    We're still waiting...
  13. f40

    Option for GT1-3 style chase cam?

    I think this was introduced in an update of GT5, but was removed pretty swiftly.
  14. f40

    Dunsfold ?
  15. f40

    FEEDBACK FOR POLYPHONY DIGITAL: Less Forcing & More Options Please!

    Don't forget the inability to drive cars at Kart Space.
  16. f40

    Favorite track in GT6?

    Silverstone, Trial Mountain, Spa and Tokyo R246.
  17. f40

    Future of the Current Tracks (with Poll)

    This game has 82 track layouts, but the only "standard" tracks are: Grand Valley (& East), Deep Forest, Trial Mountain, Circuit De La Sarthe 2005 (& no chicanes), Laguna Seca, Cote d'Azur and Tokyo R246. That's only 9 layouts that are truly PS2 standard, so updating them shouldn't take too much...
  18. f40

    Addressed Will Standard Cars be in GT7?

    For GT7, get rid of standard cars, obviously converting the historic and popular ones first. It should be like GT3 in a way, with an emphasis on quality over quantity (though there are already many more premium quality models now than there were total cars in GT3).
  19. f40

    When will we get shuffle races back?

    We want it now!
  20. f40

    Changes to Gran Turismo due to the FIA partnership?

    Indeed, all they've done is go backwards in that regard. Even GT4 had a Formula GT championship that was 15 races long, with all of them having qualifying and a distance of 305km.