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  1. NekoPufferPPP

    Time Trial Discussion

    Aaand that's a top 5...with even more time to be found, but that's all from me... Thanks again for the setup, it's superb. :cheers:
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    Time Trial Discussion

    @COLOMBIAMIGUE7 I tried your setup, and...first lap, a thousandth behind you. :lol: Nice setup man. I can't understand why this thing suddenly gains so much grip with the front lifted up...I thought raising the rear end would add grip...weird.
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    Issues with T150 Pedals on GT Sport

    Just to make sure, is the PS3/PS4 switch on the wheel set to "PS4"?
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    art of rally Coming to PlayStation on October 6

    This could mean it might become free through PS+ at some point in the future.
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    Time Trial Discussion

    It looks like they fixed the wall-cornering on BMB (finally), I hit the edge of the corner on approach to the 90° turn and got a 1.5 second penalty literally immediately, so I thought 🤬 it I'll throw the car into the corner and received a 30 second (that's thirty, yes) penalty moments later...
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    Gran Turismo Sport Update Arrives September 28

    Fix the penalties... Fix the penalties... Fix the penalties... :banghead::banghead::banghead:
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    Peugeot 907 Concept 2004

    Drivetribe just posted a video about it. Been a few years eh...
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    New Gran Turismo 7 Details: PS4 vs PS5, Driving Physics, GT Cafe, and More Revealed in Kazunori Yamauchi Interview

    This is it. This is the perfect Gran Turismo. It's such a relief to hear there's zero difference in performance other than loading times! Let's go!
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    2022 and 1080° wheel rotation it's still not present...honestly that's ridicolous

    Uh, yeah? Why not? Forza 7 had a racing truck.
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    [PETITION] Make Gran Turismo 7 available to play offline.

    Floor above? It's not a house? I'm sure there's a way to route a cable through... If you're not gonna do that to play a game you want to play, it's not really the game's fault... You say your connection is bad but WiFi is always you could have a wired connection to the internet but...
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    [PETITION] Make Gran Turismo 7 available to play offline.

    No stores in your area sell 10+ meter long ethernet cables? It's how I connected my mom's TV and computer on the other end of the apartment to the router in my room. The doors have a small gap big enough for cables (carpet clearance) so it's easy enough to connect everything with a long enough...
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    [PETITION] Make Gran Turismo 7 available to play offline.

    They wouldn't have access to any cars. It doesn't matter. You paid for early access you could've grinded through rather easily. It's not like buying those cars makes them any more special than the ones you bought with credits. It's an irrelevant argument. The biggest annoyance is that people...
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    Not quite. As the normal driver avoids accidents, they'll end up in fewer of them. As the divebomber keeps crashing, they'll end up in more accidents. This trend makes the safety rating of the divebomber lower on average, and higher on average for the safe driver, which will over time widen...
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    That used to be the case before they changed the system. I'm A+/S and there are several dirty drivers in every single race...all S-rated. I assume A and below are far, far worse because you really need to try very hard to drop your rating. It would knock the divebomber out of the race too...
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    United Nude Lo Res Car 2016

    Feels a little awkward putting the manufacturer/designer "United Nude" in the title... It was 3AM, forgive me, I'll sort it out.
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    United Nude Lo Res Car 2016

    Design based on the Lamborghini Countach - but with as few angles as possible. Body made of polycarbonate panels. Electric motor capable of propelling it at ~50km/h. A hydrogen-powered drivetrain is planned.
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    Project CARS 2 Videos

    Oh dear.
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    PS4 Genshin Impact

    I figured out you can do something cool in the latest update - fly in photo mode with adjustable FoV while using phase gates.
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    Would you be interested in an multi vehicle offroad simulation game?

    There's an old game I used to play on PC called "SCORE International Baja 1000: World Championship Off Road Racing"...a mouthfull, yes. It's honestly kinda crap, but charming, and I had a lot of a fun with it as a kid. A lot of fun...crashing into the bikes. :lol: One of the trucks is...