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  1. klondike

    Welcome to GTP16: Dark Mode, Emojis, Reactions, Bookmarks, and So Much More...

    I have to agre with some of the other guys, who are not so happy with the change. I uasely check the front page many times every day. At first i thought the website was broken or something was error when loading the page. On my screen there is like 2/3 empty space, and the articles only fill...
  2. klondike

    Wheel Stands, Racing Rigs Cockpits, Pedals, Wheels. Master List

    I am kinda looking for a option for both racing and flying too. Did you get any of these yet ?
  3. klondike

    Driving Game Deals in The PlayStation Days of Play Sale

    I played it quite a bit when i released on a PS4 slim. For what its worth IMo it is pretty good. Its hands down the best experience for anyone with a wheel on console. But yeah it has a few problems here and there, but really even at full price its defenetly worth it IMO.
  4. klondike

    Need some information and advice

    If You have a wheel I would say get Assetto corsa. Its a must have on console for wheel users, hands down the best FFB you will get on Console. ( Besides ACC, wich is even better but is quite a bit to handle for a regular PS4)
  5. klondike

    Sim Racing In VR - Let's See What All The Fuss Is About

    Thanks for the video. I am very close to buy a hefty PC for VR. I am for Ryzen 9 5900XT with RTX3080 :-) From what I understand ACC is also one of the most hardware hungry games for VR. Even with the RTX3080 is not like it runs silky smooth ( from my understanding) But I saw someone mention...
  6. klondike

    Will Gamepass lead us to doom?

    Thanks. I think mine will expire in a month or two. So ill try it, and see if it works.
  7. klondike

    Will Gamepass lead us to doom?

    Nice deal. Where did you get it for that price ?
  8. klondike

    (PS4)What is the best racing game for career/single player mode?

    F1 2020 has the best single player by a large margin. The carrer mode is very well done
  9. klondike

    Sony Confirms Second Generation of PSVR for PlayStation 5

    Hoping more driving games will support it in full :-)
  10. klondike

    PS4: Trophies

    There is one guy over at PSNProfiles who shared some thought about the career trophies and why they dont award gold rightfully. "Quoting his post" Turns out that the game auto-saves after each event and that only your FIRST results counts. When you use the button "restart event" your new and...
  11. klondike

    PS4: Trophies

    I really hope they fix the ps 5 version and the trophies. If not i wont buy it.
  12. klondike

    Assetto Corsa Hits €100 Million in Sales: Exclusive Interview with Kunos' Marco Massarutto

    IMO they are the best racing games on Console. Just wish they keep development in house, and fix bugs. The trophy /achivement bugs existing in ACC so long time after release is really not acceptable. And for me its even a thing that could make me not want to buy further games from them.
  13. klondike

    Gran Turismo 7 Will Be More Like Classic GT Titles, Says Kazunori Yamauchi

    My dream is something like this. Fully compatible with PSVR in all modes. AI and physiscs of Assetto Corsa Competizione. Carrer mode similar to F1 2020 my team or something with the same deepth. Online mode similar to GT sport. And economy that is not complete broken. Where the best payouts...
  14. klondike

    PS4: Trophies

    Apperently there is a patch incoming in a few days that will fix the achivements. It was scheduled for January 27, but it has been put back a few days. Hopefully it will fix the game so it will be posibel to complete it :-)
  15. klondike

    My team difficulty

    Alright that sounds good. I seem to remember another F1 game a few years back where it wasent posibel to change once the carreer mode was started. Thanks guys :-)
  16. klondike

    My team difficulty

    Hello I am a bit late to the party with F1 2020. But i have a question. Im my team mode. Is it possible to change the difficulty after i start it ?
  17. klondike

    KFC Enters the Gaming World With the KFConsole

    Maybe next version of chicken invaders :-)
  18. klondike

    PS5 or Gaming PC??

    You cant come anywhere near the same specs with a PC for the price of the new consoles. Thats one of the biggest arguments for buying a new console at launch. You get a lot for your money compared to buying a PC.
  19. klondike

    buying a computer in 1994 video, brilliant, this is gold....

    @Dave A Not that it matters, but I think you are a bit of the year too :) The 486 was released in 1989 and was very expensive at first. Might have been a 386 you had or the year is wrong. My first PC was around 1993 and was a 486 wich at that time was still a pretty good cpu. I think the...
  20. klondike

    Your most favourite racing game from 2010s?

    Assetto corsa competizione. IMO even on a standard Slim PS4 its so much better than anything else aviable on a console. its like there is no competition.