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  1. station rz

    Gran Turismo 1 Auto Pilot Cheat

    Finally a code for GT1 cpu sound! Btw, as Tegardee said, this code causes the race not to finish and some strange behavior in opponent cars. Is it something that can be fixed? It would be great
  2. station rz

    AI Physics Bug

    Yes, it's because of their setup. I tried different suspension and stabilizer setups and I got the same behavior (in the video below) after a few tries. Thanks 🙂
  3. station rz

    AI Physics Bug

    Hey! I've always wondered why some cars show the strange behavior showed in this video: . They shake and they often stop accelerating. There are other cars to in different competitions ( R Nsx TypeS; R Lantis; R Celica; R Griffith). Any clue?
  4. station rz

    GT1 Steering Accuracy

    Yep that’s what I meant and I expected that controls are coded that way but I wanted to ask anyway. It’s a shame not having smoother inputs, but it’s an old game so I won’t complain Thanks for the reply!
  5. station rz

    GT1 Steering Accuracy

    Is there a way to increase the steering accuracy on GT1? Is it possible to use a steering wheel?
  6. station rz

    First Car?

    I started play Gt1 with my dad, when i was 4 .. I still playing and loving it now too, i am 18 ! My first car years ago was Honda CIVIC SiR II Blue 🙂)
  7. station rz

    Anyone still playing Gt1?

    I still playing Gran Turismo 1 on ps3 . visit my channel for some Gt1 videos 🙂
  8. station rz

    Gt1 the most fun of all Gran Turismo games

    New Gran Turismo games are very realistic and have so many cars to use.. But I think Gran turismo 1 is the most fun game of the serie. Cpu cars were very competitive.. Anyone agrees?
  9. station rz

    Worst car in gt1

    GTO Twinturbo, all tuned, with semi-race hard tires.
  10. station rz

    Engine Sounds

    @jOnny0093 can you send me a download link of this cheat? Ho visto che si italiano pure tu 🙂
  11. station rz

    Engine Sounds

    Hi everyone. As you know, cars controlled by the CPU make a different engine sound from the car controlled by the player.. Do you know how to set player car engine sound as Cpu car engine? Thanks a lot.