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    GT5 Flaw List: What must be fixed for GT6. (Work In Progress)

    I don't actually have iracing. I'm just eluding to the fact that the things that I perhaps want are more appropriate in a title such as iracing rather than a console. But hey, we're talking about GT6 here. This is a title that should astound. Whether or not it is a ps3 or ps4 title.
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    GT5 Flaw List: What must be fixed for GT6. (Work In Progress)

    Gt's audience is huge and it needs to cater for a wide variety of players/racers. It's not going to please everyone all of the time. However, from my particular perspective, as someone who has grown up with the franchise and still has all versions of the game (including the gt2 scratch and sniff...
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    UKGTP15 Interest?

    I'm in reading. Sounds like something I should be doing!!! Would be interested on any future events, or would consider organising one myself. With some advice from those who have gone through it all before!!! Anyone in the Berkshire area who is up for getting togeather let me know.
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    Buttkicker for GT5 Pro!!!

    Yo guys! So can i add USB Wireless headphones into the mix?! No one else seems to have issues, or at least experienced using a set of usb headphones on the PS3 with a buttkicker. Essentially, last time i tried (a few weeks back) switching on the headset and activating the USB audio cut audio to...
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    MultiScreen when playing online

    sorry, yes, thought i'd put his in the GT5 section! Anyway, GT5!
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    MultiScreen when playing online

    Hi, Anyone playing online when using triple screens? I tried it last night and the 2 side screens shut off. I'm assuming due to an IP address conflict with the whole Client Server relationship. Any pointers? Cheers james
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    Tore's DIY 1000W raceframe.

    great work!!! Very creative and industrious!! Am i getting confused, or did you say that you are running the seat bass off one side (L) and the wheel and pedals off the other side (R)? So when going through a chicane, your arse shakes when you hit the left hand side rumble strip and your feet...
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    Project R

    i´ve got quite a bit of work to do on mine before pics! but as for curved Vs canted, i think we´ll struggle with the PS3´s. I have a feeling certain software is required to adjust the image so that the curvature doesn´t warp the image. I´ve seen some PC 3 projector curved screen set ups and they...
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    Project R

    damn!! Was in Media Markt in Berlin today and got all excited. They have an amazing array of hardware. One particular set up got me thinking. They had 3 50inch LG 3d passive screens side by side, all off the same signal. With a simple pair of passive ´ray-bans´i could see all 3 screens in 3d...
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    This game sux. graphics fugly

    Good graphics dont necessarily make for a good game, so then the opposite is also true. However, honestly, deep down, in my totally unbiased opinion, being an F1 fan, having played the initial launch title years ago, and also having just recently started to play GT5, i was genuinley...
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    Project R

    Wow! Signed up to GTPlanet just to get involved in this!!! Mr Latte, you are indeed crazy! in a good way. I thought, and close friends and family think, i am crazy with my rig ambitions, but you sir are on another level! WARNING: i got carried away, ok, i'm sorry, it wont happen again...