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  1. Mr. Boy

    What is so special about Spa?

    Try driving it with a wheel, no aids, rain pouring down, and a Peugeot 908 with a horsepower upgrade. It will blow your mind.
  2. Mr. Boy

    Anyone racing the AI evenly?

    Right after I got the 1.10 update I tried a Super GT race in arcade mode, and then a one-make F10 race in GT mode. Maybe they're a bit faster than before but I still won both races easily. So I still race online mostly.
  3. Mr. Boy

    Why doesn't Polyphony hire more people?

    Or at the very least, don't make us wait 5 years for a beta.
  4. Mr. Boy

    Why doesn't Polyphony hire more people?

    I don't mean we need to have a GT game every year, like CoD, NFS, or AC. One every three years would be fine.
  5. Mr. Boy

    Why doesn't Polyphony hire more people?

    Polyphony Digital have about 140 employees according to Wikipedia (or 110 according to their website) And as we all know, they take far too much time to develop their games, and GT5 was released as an unfinished product. How hard would it be for them to double or triple their workforce to finish...
  6. Mr. Boy

    Stig Racing Outfit?

    Is it possible to get Vettel or Loeb's helmets?
  7. Mr. Boy

    I like a good challenge but...

    One thing you can do for the Fiat race is to upgrade the engine to stage 3, then use the power limiter to dial the power back to 65hp. The engine will end up with more torque, so you can lose a little less speed on the uphill sections. For all the other stuff, consult this...
  8. Mr. Boy

    Seasonal Event Prizes

    I see they've finally offered some extra prizes besides cash for the new seasonal event. Will they add prizes to the rest of the seasonals? Aside from a couple of the F1 races, I haven't bothered at all with them because there just wasn't enough incentive.
  9. Mr. Boy

    Update 1.10 Thread! (Check 1st post for Update Details)

    Come on now, stop trolling. :indiff: :sly:
  10. Mr. Boy

    Update 1.10 Thread! (Check 1st post for Update Details)

    How big is it? EDIT: 380 megs? Is that the biggest update so far?
  11. Mr. Boy

    Do you have to 'grind'

    I have never grinded in this game. Ever. I never grinded for money because I duped all the expensive cars I wanted before PD added gift restrictions. And I was able to get to level 30 without grinding thanks to those seasonal events that paid out all that xp. I'm up to level 35 now without...
  12. Mr. Boy

    So I went online for the first time today...

    I only get kicked when there's a room full of drivers of one nationality, like finland or brazil or something. I never got kicked for winning, but then maybe I'm just lucky.
  13. Mr. Boy

    Your GT5 moment of the day!

    I just won a Super GT online race at the 'Ring. My Yellowhat GT-R was handling perfectly and I made no mistakes. :)
  14. Mr. Boy

    Most Uncontrollable Car

    Any mid-engined car with comfort hards will feel like its possessed by a demon.
  15. Mr. Boy

    If you could add one car to GT5, what would it be?

    I just want the Nissan R92CP as a premium. And with a proper engine note.
  16. Mr. Boy


    Most of my recent time in GT5 was spent racing online. Once you choose rooms with SRF off you can get some good races. I still have to gold some special events, and I plan on doing some of the enduros too. So there's still lots of life left in this game for me.
  17. Mr. Boy

    POLL: Should online credits/xp be increased

    Yes please! I don't grind at all, so it would be nice to reach Level 40 by just doing online races.
  18. Mr. Boy

    So, who's got all 60 Golds in their licence tests yet?

    I just got my last gold medal today. The Slalom test with the FT86 was the last one.
  19. Mr. Boy

    What Is The Best Car To ENJOY The Nurburgring 4 Hours?

    I think I'm gonna use my Yellowhat GT-R for this. :)
  20. Mr. Boy

    Master List of Cars With Incorrect Specifications

    What about the F1 Ferraris? They're way too light (545kg, needs to be 600 for the F2007 and 620 for the F10) and don't have enough power (700hp, should be around 750hp).